Nobody Leaves Nintendo, Nobody!

If you think working as a designer for Nintendo sounds like a sweet job... you're probably right.

Speaking with Edge, Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto says "One particular difference I should point out with Nintendo is that I am in charge of the EAD division and very few people have ever left that division. Very few people have ever left Nintendo at all, actually. Nintendo is unique in this respect."

So there's a large group of people who have been there for decades? Yup. "For many years now, at any one point I have been in charge of 500 to 1,000 people, but quite a few of them have been working with me for nearly 30 years. And it's not uncommon at all for people stay at Nintendo for ten years or 20 years, and yet they are still looked upon as the young developers in the company! Nintendo is an unusual company, I guess."

I'd like to see other companies survive for 30 years, let alone retain a number of the same key employees for that stretch of time.

Interview: Shigeru Miyamoto [Edge]


    Which is a double edge blade, and one of the reasons Miyamoto himself said they would have difficulties making a game like Bioshock.

      exactly, if no-ones leaving than obviously ninty doesn't need to hire anyone new, people with fresh ideas or ways of making different games

    But why would you want Miyamoto to create a game like Bioshock anyway?

    Nintendo takes care of their own... some OTHER companies should learn that.

    I suppose that is why the keep producing the same cr*p year in year out. Just slightly updated graphics (if your lucky).

    Fresh blood = Fresh ideas

    "What should we do now... Anyone"
    'Let's do something with Mario!'
    "Great idea! Wow what a bunch of creatives"
    "Now what can we do with Mario?"
    'The princess gets kidnapped again and he has to save her'
    "Again a wonderful idea, what will be different"
    'We can use the Wii remote to simulate Mario jacking off to schoolgirl p*rn'
    "Hmmm maybe a little too left field"

    My father worked at the same company for his 30+ year career. It's what people used to do.

    While I agree that getting new employees can mean an influx of creative thinking, there's nothing saying an old person who's been at Nintendo for a long time can't have a creative thought, too.

    Don't forget Nintendo has been around for well over 100 years.

    Well Gunpei Yokoi "left" Nintendo after he invented Game and Watch and the original Gameboy for them. They shamed him out after the Virtual Boy failed at market.

    Sadly he died in a car accident not long after.

    I think his story is quite a sad one and one that places Nintendo in a shameful light.

    It should be pointed out that in Japan you generally stay with one company your whole career anyway.

      That isn't true anymore and it never really was in the video game industry. Not to the extent of other industries.

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