Nope, That Dungeon Keeper MMO Isn't Dead Yet

Hey, remember how in 2008 EA said a Chinese company would be making an MMO out of classic strategy title Dungeon Keeper? That project is still happening. Let's look at some artwork from the game.

At first glance, things aren't looking too bad! The picture above certainly looks familiar. It's also been revealed that the core concept of Dungeon Keeper is being maintained for this online spinoff, players tasked with building an underground dungeon (though there'll also be above-ground sections like more regular MMOs).

How faithful the final project winds up though is anyone's guess, particularly since it seems specifically targeted at the Chinese market.

[via MMO Culture]


    While I recognise the Horned Reaper, is it just me or does the artwork remind you more of Warcraft (not just WoW but Blizzards style) than of Dungeon Keeper.

    I did love Dungeon Keeper I'd love to see a new game.

    Dungeon Keeper 2 is one of the best games ever made I reckon :) God it takes me back! I hope they make a third one, or this MMO is for real.

    The world needs a triumphant return of Dungeon Keeper. That much is certain, but an MMO? That's the wrong thing to do with the licence and the wrong licence to do an MMO with. Just give us Dungeon Keeper 3 with fancy pants graphics and some new features such as invading the overworld perhaps. In fact, if you could control the 'overworld' or 'underworld' factions, that could make for some fascinating gameplay with a two tiered Z axis.

    while this is pretty damn cool - i'd still prefer a dungeon keeper 3

    I would love a DK3 too.
    I have to agree with DKnight1000 too, if you showed me a picture of anything but the horned reaper, took away the writing and logos, and asked me what game, I'd saw WoW: Cataclysm.

    Damn I loved Dungeon keeper.. and DK2... it's taking everything I have not to play those games again.

    Well, that, plus having lost the discs. Plus having to boot camp. Plus laziness. Hmm, may hap my will power doesn't play as big a role in my life as previously thought.

    This looks like shit. Curse you EA... DK was a franchise with a much better future than, "Doesn't resemble or play anything like the series, completely altered, Chinese MMO."

    It looks more like a WarCraft clone (as DKnight1000 said), nothing resembling the style of the original games. I can recognise the Horned Reaper but they've just turned him into a characterless demon.

    Dammit I so want to see a proper sequel to DK2...


    Seriously ever since the ending cinematic for DK2 I've wanted a sequel, that has to be the biggest tease I've ever seen getting to play a dungeon keeper game were you can go above ground to raid villages and shit would be awesome.


    less so.

    I still have the original disk for DK2 sitting on my shelf. I loved that game! DK3, yes please. DK-MMO, not so sure...

    Now mixing Dungeon Keeper with an Overlord type mash-up would of been cool. All your usual DK type gaming, then having the option to inhabit your chosen "avatar" and run around with some minions in tow to take down enemy villages and bases. That. Would. Be. Awesome!

    Dungeon Keeper, starring Josef Fritzl

    If I ever become a billionaire I'll fund a DK3. I loved DK2.

    This new WoW expansion looks cool! Wait, it's not WoW?

    But seriously, I'd love a 'real' DK3, not some MMORPG version :(

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