Official 3DS Pictures Show It's A Pretty Little Thing

It's not until you see official press shots of the new handheld that you realise how pretty the new 3DS really is.

Sure, at first glance it looks like a regular DS, but it's the little touches that make all the difference. The glossy finish, the smooth thumbstick and the gentle, almost unnoticeable curve on the front of the lid.


    looks like a ds.

      thats cool i have one and got agame

    It's inevitably going to get bigger screens and stuff but I'm still buying one day 1, provided the 3D can be turned off at will and the software is there.

    Oh yeah, I'll be picking one of these up.
    I'm amazed how Nintendo have had the knack this generation of just quietly coming out with a product that hits the zeitgeist just right. While the Sony and MS consoles are struggling with motion control and 3D with TVs and glasses and add-ons, Nintendo just releases a glasses free, stylish new handheld, that is powerful and has seemingly good developer support, and with very little fanfare or build-up compared to the Move and Kinect campaigns.

    I'll be getting one. Maybe not on day 1, but at some point...

    Good for 3D games, and horrible for 2D games (eg. Super Street Fighter IV) <-- based on the position of the direction controller.

    This is still an alpha build, so expect the 'look' to change significantly. Hell, it doesn't even have the Nintendo/DS logo on the lid yet. The first DS functioning concepts ended up looking quite different from the released ones.

    I'm hoping in that time they enlarge the lower screen a bit, make the home buttons etc a bit less obtrusive (or maybe touch sensitive, which is becoming standard on phones)

    Is that an audio out port in the front of the 3DS?

    You'd think they'd put it to the side or at the back.

      At the sides it'd get in the way. For the DS though it was at the front.

    i hate the inside top being black. it's too strange on the blue and red models.

      Actually, I love it! I think the black bezels/backgrounds on devices are the way to go because it naturally brings out the screen. It's like how cinemas use dark curtains and dim the lights.

      And the black + other primary colours combination looks fantastic.

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