OK, I Take It Back About Kinect's Star Wars Game

Yesterday, I thought Kinect's Star Wars game looked pretty interesting! Oh, what a difference a day and some extra footage makes.

An extended version of yesterday's clip turned up today, and showed actual gameplay footage. This isn't a revolution in motion-control gaming. It's a 21st-century Rebel Assault. Nothankyou.jpg.

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    Ewww. If all Kinect games are going to be on rails it kinda defeats the purpose.

    I think you are being far too close minded about this. It was never going to be a traditional game. Gaming is currently moving towards a focus on the experiential vs constructed puzzles. That doesn't mean there isn't a challenge but the focus of design is on how the player feels while playing. This is just a bit of a jump along the evolutionary path brought on my a potentially revolutionary HMI.

    This is the same way movies are constructed the difference being that this is an active not a passive activity so there is more potential for greater emotion from the player in a physiological level. However, game designers have much less experience to go on than a century of cinema so it is going to be a lot more hit and miss.

    Reserve judgement until you "experience" (not "play") this game. A stupid as people will look playing it, I can see the player being really immersed in this game. Think the Star Wars kid minus the imagination.

    The game is still a fair way away. There's plenty of time to improve the game.

    It's a little too early to dismiss it just yet, I still think it looks pretty interesting.

    Kinect seems to have really failed at catching developers imaginations

    Enough of this pre-recorded crap.

    Can I see some ACTUAL gameplay now???

    As awesome as this looks, id love some real footage.

      That is actual game play. I have seen some footage of a side by side with someone playing this and it looks just like this.

        You're not talking about that "first look at Star Wars Kinect" are you? That's fake.

          No, I think it was footage from the cirque du soleil kinect event the night before the conference.

    I don't understand, Mr. Plunkett. What's the problem with what was shown...?

    LOL.. reminds me of the wii.. facepalm.jpg

    The main avatar really feels seperated from the game, like it was cut and pasted into it.

    We really are going backwards aren't we?

    That looks like it came from the mid nineties. I lol'd at the fact that you can't even walk, and that the Storm Troopers not only have to be really lousy shots, but they have to approach you before you can hit them... killer game design there. Natal is turning out to be an even bigger joke than I thought...

    Anyone else find it odd that stormtroopers are fighting alongside the tanks from the trade federation of eps 1&2?

      I was totally hung up on that fact, too. It confused and nerdraged me.

    Why does this make me think of the Sega CD?



    Hey, I liked Rebel Assault... but, yeah that does look kinda shite.

    What's with the movement mechanic?

    Its nice of the storm troopers to line up nicely like that and run straight towards you shooting either side of you. Reminds me a bit like space invaders.

    So umm, he doesnt like it?

    I dont know where one bit of sarcasm ends and the next begins.

    Ugh, damn it...

    that looks pretty cool

    Why does this game make me think of the Sega CD?

    Screw you guys, this game is going to be great after a few beers.

    for some reason i instantly thought of Revolution X..


    It certainly looks revolutionary. But I can imagine that it would be fun for the first go and just plain boring the second round.

    Personly I think it looks pretty cool.

    But yeah storm troopers, trade federation ships and darth vader? What the hell is going on?

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