Okamiden’s E3 Trailer Has Me Conflicted

Okamiden’s E3 Trailer Has Me Conflicted

Okamiden, a DS successor to PS2/Wii classic Okami, seemed like a good idea at the time. Now there’s a 3D Nintendo handheld, though, does anyone else wish the game was destined for that platform instead?


  • Not really. 3DS isn’t out till at least April next year, and if they made this game for that, we probably wouldn’t see it released for even longer.

    It actually looks really good on the DS though, making the graphically capability of the 3DS not much of an issue.

    Also, i don’t really care about 3D (I will probably play all of my 3DS games with the 3D slider set to 0)

  • If it had been planned for release on the DS3 I think it could have been an incredible game to go with that console and could deffinitely take advantage of the improved hardware.

    Personally I’m just excited to see an Okami sequel so I can’t complain. Although it does blocky at times, it definitely looks like Okamiden pushes the abilities of the DS in a way most DS games don’t try to and that alone is very pleasing to me.

    It’s disappointing to see so many DS games that have SNES and GBA level graphics when the system is capable of so much more.

    I’m looking forward to putting Okamiden in my top DS games collection, and then hopefully another sequel for the 3DS later on. Have your cake and eat it too.

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