Okay, Vanquish Gameplay Looks Neat But...

Last Friday, a new trailer for action game Vanquish shot up the internet. The gameplay itself looks like a blast. Definitely excited to see more of this game. What I am not excited about?

The on-screen HUD (Heads Up Display) looks like it takes up a lot of space. Why is a good chunk of the real estate on the side of the screen mucked up with interface? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of, you know, a wide-screen television?

That's not to say HUDs are bad. Both Gears of War and Killzone 2 have HUDS; however, the weapons HUD pops up when you want to swap out guns. In Vanquish gameplay clip, the weapons HUD always seems to be on the screen.

This begs the bigger question: Why is the game's HUD even on the screen? Take something like Dead Space, which was able to convey a great deal of information without cluttering up the screen. Certainly, this could be personal taste on my part. And while the inclusion of the Heads Up might seem somewhat old fashioned on the part of the developer, it could simply be preference.

Granted, this embedded clip is not high quality and playing the game could be another story altogether, but it should give you an idea how this user interface just seems to... get in the way. Now, playing Vanquish could be something else altogether.


    Sorry Bash, but I take issue with such crap as "deadspace hid their HUD and it wasnt obtrusive".
    Deaspace crammed all their HUD onto a character that took up somewhere between 1/5 to a 1/4 of the screen ALL THE TIME.

    It was an interesting experiement that for my money was just a way for them to say "Oh look, this isnt an FPS, we're different!" But seriously, I can think of dozens of better ways of using that screen real estate up.

      I would have thought the fact that Dead Space is third-person would have tipped you off that it's not an FPS before making vague connections with the on-character HUD. It's not trying to convince you of that because quite frankly it doesn't need to.

      And for the record I thought it worked exceptionally well, but that's a different issue to the above.

    Whoa, gameplay is like a fast & furious version of Gears, and way more stylish. But yeah, I hope that HUD disappears when not needed.

    "Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of, you know, a wide-screen television?"
    Seems to me like it's making use of the extra space.

    Its because the game-play requires you to see what load out you have at all times .. u dont pull out then ready a gun/item you instantly start using it.. that's why its so fast paced..

    and that's why the hud will always be shown.

    Also the hud will look a dream in 3d.

    i expect huds to make a return.. the main reason you can hide a hud is because the gameplay is easy and slow paced.

      i would like always checking my armor and radar given its fast pace...

    I think the HUD is easier because it always stays in the same spot, and in Dead Space you didn't move that fast so the fancy pop-up HUD was fine. One day all games will have dead space style HUD's but there needs to be some improvements until that day comes.

    You call that taking up a lot of space?

    Try going back and playing Wave Race 64 :P

    Deadspace's hidden hud worked brilliantly for what it was, a tense survival horror game. There was down time (Tense as it was) it was scarier not knowing were your enemies were etc. The ammo display etc, it was great but the game was slow so it worked.

    Imagine if this guy had a little counter on his gun that showed his ammo as he's jumping, flipping, rocket skating around. You would never have any fucking idea how much ammo you had.

    Differnt Huds work for differnt games, a fast paced action game has an advantage in having an easy to see and read hud

    While I don't have a problem at all with a permanent HUD, this is pretty badly designed - aside from obscuring enemies on one side of the screen (an action game no-no), the weapon selector is much bigger than it needs to be, and then on top of that, each HUD element has a needlessly huge 'shadow' around them, making them even more obstructive.

    There are much better ways this information could have been displayed, but then, the Japanese game industry does seem to be stuck in the past these days...

    Did anyone notice the health bars OMG the Japanese never learn

      Because having health bars make it more challenging, something the Japanese seem to love?

      I for one don't mind, considering regenerative health make many games seem too easy.

    "score"? wat.

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