Old Lady Complains To Google About Pac-Man

Not everyone loved the inclusion of a free version of Pac-Man on Google's home page. In fact, one old lady was so incensed she felt the need to call Google tech support.

I know old people can be frail, and a little slow with technology at times, but this is a bit much. The guy does well to stifle his laughter at the start. He must have the patience of a saint. Saint Google, Patron Saint Of Dealing With Old People On The Line To Tech Support.

[via Gizmodo]





    "Oh... I could... try that..."

    The long pauses add to this. It's just a brilliant piece of filmmaking :)

    He did a bad job of explaining that.
    You can also use the middle mouse button to close tabs. Or Ctrl+W.

    Or you could just say 'there's no way to get rid of it, go away you crazy old lady'.

    Hmmmm, Idiot...

    This is why the internet shouldn't be accessable to old people... they are just absolutely devoid of common logic.

    you can tell at the start he is trying to figure out if it is a prank call or not. I have enough trouble teaching old people to use computers when I can see the same screen as them.

    One day it'll be us

    That was funny and the dude handled it very well.

    gotta give props to the old lady, she is apparently studying.

    Is anyone else a tad concerned the recording found its way onto the internet?

      Yes, yes I am.


    What a great guy! Frigging well done and hats off to ya!

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