Old Republic's E3 Trailer Takes The Fight To Alderaan

In this new cinematic trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic, we're supposed to feel sorry for Alderaan, as it's enslaved by the Sith Empire. I don't know. They're only occupying it. It's not like they blew it up.

I'm still not sure if this game can stand against the might of World of Warcraft, even with the Star Wars licence, but I'm glad more publishers are learning the value of a good trailer for their MMO, even if it does mean squat in terms of how you'll actually play the game.

[via scrambledpixel]


    Interesting how star wars videogame trailers are better than the movies themselves (except where han solo is involved of course)

    Wicked! Did that Jedi bust out a Haduken? (With 1:25 left to go)

    This trailer actually makes me want to play the game less, because I know the gameplay isn't going to be anywhere near as good as this trailer.

      Yeah, in a way it's extremely deceptive... promising such beauty and awesomeness when the game won't be nearly as complex or detailed. I'd rather see some real gameplay.

      And in what way does Bioware claim during this CT that whats shown is related to the gamplay? It's the same as WoW's CT's or any other title for that matter, it's to wet your appetites and arouse your imagination. Pure and simple.

        Well, duh, that's what all video/movie trailers/teasers do - it's advertising and/or marketing. Creating appeal by (interesting) exposure.

    I want... right now please :P

    see this is why I'm playing a republic trooper, sure the jedi and sith are throwing mountains around, but the trooper looks at this guy throwing mountains around and thinks "Fuck this guy, I'm going to stab him!" and that's awesome.

    why wernt the movies like this!

      The original movies are around 30 years old - a lot has come forward since then, especially computer and cinematic effects. If anything, I'd love to see a new trilogy based in another part of Star Wars. Perhaps in this Old Republic or Post-Original Trilogy (4, 5, 6) saga. Sourcing any of the comic books and original mythos would be beneficial. Extra, don't let Lucas do anything but cash cheques.

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