Olivia Munn Trying Out For The Daily Show

Attack of the Show host Olivia Munn, who recently played a reporter in Iron Man 2, is appearing as a correspondent for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart over the next couple of weeks.

A Comedy Central spokesperson tells Reuters that Munn's appearance is a "tryout", something that is not unusual for the network. However, Munn is the highest profile individual to try, points out Reuters.

Last year, Munn appeared in Playboy magazine.

Olivia Munn trying out as Daily Show correspondent [Reuters][Pic]


    Damn, shes so damn hot.

      i concur

      she has sailor moon boobs


    One day you will be mine, Olivia.

    I would like to see more of this Ms. Olivia.

    She's so hot she is making me sexist.

    Olivia Mun''s not hot. She's just a cute girl who panders shit to what people think nerds like. I doubt she's played a Streetfighter game in her life. She's just packed and marketed as nerd bait.


    Are you kidding? Olivia Munn has looked hotter than every woman I've ever seen her standing next to, and there have been quite a few. Does she have melons on her chest? No. Does she have a butt like a black girl? Not really. Is she unattractive? Hell no! After all the thousands of comments I've read (some downright nasty) about her looks and body, you are the very first I've seen to actually come right out and say she is NOT hot. Are you a female, or are you gay? It has to be one or the other.

    Ever seen her as Wonder Woman or Slave Leia? Ever seen her in the photo shoot where she wore the red bikini in tribute to Fast Times at Ridgemont High? Phoebe Cates didn't look that hot, even with her top off. And don't mistake this as taking anything away from Phoebe, because she sizzled! Hell, that's like the #1 most famous hot movie moment of all time! One of the things Phoebe Cates was known for was understanding that sex sells, and not being afraid to go there. Her body looked better than her face IMO, but Olivia Munn's got the better bod, as well as the face to match it.

    Nerd bait? Are you serious? If you've watched a significant amount of Olivia Munn, you would know that girl's mouth is 100% authentic. I'm sorry, but I cannot conceive a girly girl faking the things she says, like how her A-hole had something to say because it was filled with ocean water and throbbing. Guys love her because she's the best of both worlds: she makes you think about doing things to her, and she can hang with your potty mouth (and when I say "hang," I mean neck and neck). Cheers!

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