OnLive Goes Live, Did You Sign Up?

OnLive Goes Live, Did You Sign Up?

OnLive is either the future of video gaming come early, or snake oil dressed as cloud computing. What will determine which it ends up being is up to you, the user [if you’re in the US, of course -SB] , and with the service now live, is anyone using?

The switch on the service was flicked earlier today, meaning anyone that wants to use OnLive can now do so. They're even encouraging early adopters with a "free" one year's subscription, which will cover the cost of the service, but not the games you play on it.

I've my doubts as to whether this thing will work for any game that requires precise timing or accuracy. Can anyone who's signed up prove me wrong?

Welcome to OnLive! [OnLive]


  • I am in the beta and I am very pleased with what I have seen so far of OnLive. I live in California (where on of there data centers are located) and I did not notice any lag at all. I have to computers, a crappy one that can play Team Fortress 2 at medium settings (no AA) and a custom top of the line PC that plays any game maxed out. Obviously I did not need to try it out on my beast PC since it does not really matter to it. But on the crap one, I loaded up OnLive, they have a small selection of games to chose from (its beta, but they have some popular titles) and clicked on play demo for Assassins Creed 2 (they have demos for all games that you can play for 30 minutes) and in less that a minute I was jumping from roof tops and stabbing people with a knife that comes out of my arm (the graphics were excellent). And to my surprise, I noticed a little notifier box that popups in the top corner of your screen (does not interfere with game, goes away after a few seconds) that says some one is spectating you. You can spectate any one in any type of game they are playing (single-player, multi-player), its actually really cool.

    Bottom line, would I pay for OnLive? Maybe, I have a beast PC so I really don’t need OnLive since I can play any game I want. But the really appealing factor is that I would not have to download like 5GB for every new game that comes out (even though I have a 30mb connection). But it would be fun to bring on a flash drive (I checked the install directory, it only creates like 3 files and I don’t think it saves to registry, not much to save. All game saves are stored on OnLive servers) to school and be playing Batman Arkham Asylum at school (crap computers) and everyone asking me how I am doing it 😀

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