Our First Look At XCOM In Motion

XCOM PC Games Trailer - E3 2010: Debut Trailer XCOM, the bastardisation of everything I love and hold dear in the fabled '90s game series, looks like it could be worth some attention.

OK, maybe I'm being a bit overly harsh, but I want my turn-based strategy game dammit.

If you can get over the fact that really, this could have been called anything other than XCOM and be the same game, than maybe you'll enjoy the trailer.


    well that looks.... lame....=S

    For all those who hated the tranformer movie because "it didn't stay true to the source material", stay away from this game if you're still playing the original.

    From what I've heard about the game, 2K is doing their best to maintain the spirit of the original, including research and manufacture, while making the game accessible to the current generation.

    If they do their job right, then there will be a larger audience for a turn-based remake of the original XCOM, with the lead from this game going commander for the next.

    For those dissapointed by the 2 aliens shown in the trailer, they're trying to keep the aliens original and there'll be more in the full game.

    As long as they can get the randomly generated levels, I think they'll do well.

      I'm not so sure, if this game does turn out to be popular, then I think that reduces the chance the next being turn based. Since there is now going to be a whole new group of fans screaming "the sequel sounds nothing like the original, OMG you've ruined it!"

    i wanted to see gameplay before i said anything but now i have. I hope i'm very wrong but this looks really bad.

    wow, I was pretty unhappy when I thought it was going to be an FPS set in the X-Com universe, now that I see it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with X-Com, I am irate, way to drag a perfectly good franchise through the dirt...

    Not to mention this looks like basically a mod for Bioshock.

      Well that's a little naiive.

      It obviously has nothing to do with modern DAY xcom.

      It's also quite obviously a prequel telling the origin of the whole Xcom situation.

      But you're obviously not seeing it...

        According to the X-Com timeline, large scale alien incursions didn't happen until the 1990's at which time the X-Com organisation was formed.

        So essentially, this game isn't even true to the very liberal timeline of the universe.

        Based on what is shown here, the odds of it fitting with the actual X-Com universe are slim to none, especially if there is really going to be research/manufacture elements, suggesting some sort of organised element for battling the extraterrestrials.

        This game isn't X-Com in gameplay, it's not X-Com in setting, and is yet to show anything showing it is even X-Com in spirit, it's an awful reskin of bioshock designed to exploit an old franchise that 2k managed to obtain.

          Exactly, *large scale* incursions didn't occur until 1990 in the original timeline.

          But what about before that? Think about the Roswell incident, just before the 50's. Considering the popular opinion regarding government cover ups in relation to the existence of aliens on Earth, surely it makes sense that before an all out war, X-COM would have been a secret, Men In Black kind of government agency.

          I think this is a brilliant idea, and it might just be possible to pull it off.

          According to the original XCom timeline yes, the original organisation in the game wasn't formed then that's true.

          What you saw in the clip was a bunch of MiB in essence running around.

          I honestly don't know where you got the reskinned Bioshock thing from, I think you're reaching there, the graphics look quite stylishly good, the motion is very fluid.

          Before pissing all over it, give it a chance. I mean, people pissed all over Fallout 3 before it came out too...

            Let's just clarify btw:

            I loved part 1, it was one of my favorite games. Terror from the Deep I bought the first week it was out, I bought it on the old floppy disks.

            I would adore a new redone turn based game of it, but realistically, these days? Unless its a retroremake, I really think there's slim to no chance of that happening. We seem to have entered the 'dumb age of gaming' where less and less creative chances are taken on games because they're more and more expensive to make unfortunately. Unless its a big budget sequel, we're not gonna see it done.

            Personally, if this game does well, I'd love to see it spawn a sequel that was potentially a hybrid of old and new gameplay. I think that'd kick ass in all sorts of ways.

    I really like the look of this game, but then I've not played the original.

    I'd definitely consider buying it after seeing a bit more of how the research mechanics, etc will work.

    It looks pretty great. While the trailer didn't appear to resemble X-Com in any real way at the moment I am happy to take their word for it.

    If they came to us with this game without the X-Com name more people would have really liked it.

    I want to know if I have a squad, and how I research and manufacture.

    What I hated about Bay's Transformers is aside from the writing, the overly busy designs. When multiple Transformers where fighting you couldn't tell what was from who.

    He actually had some good concepts just piss poor execution. Like in the second movie it tells you about the hatchlings, and their need for Energon developing that more would be good.

      yeah the camera angles were either close up shots were you jsut see to robot chest and who knows whats going on

      or they were wide pans to show how small shia was compared to the robots and in both instances you couldnt really see what was going on

    I'm pretty under-whelmed by that trailer in general (and not just from an its-not-XCOM perspective).
    Running around shooting amorphous black blobs doesn't engage me very much at all.

    Looks interesting, the gaming world can always do with more retro cool.
    And just because its different does not mean it will be bad, fallout 2 to fallout 3, systemshock to Bioshock.
    The "fan community" complained about those departures in gameplay from the source and both of them were some of the best games of the year.

    XCOM, huh? Bullshit. This game is NOT XCOM, any more than a dog with a prosthetic hump is a camel. You can call this game XCOM if you want. I can call the music of Justin Bieber heavy metal if I want. We'd both be WRONG, but we can still do it.

    Instead of greys, floaters, snakemen and mutons coming out of UFOs we have amorphous black blobs coming out of dimensional rifts. Instead of a modern-day, worldwide setting, we have 50s America. Instead of incredibly deep turn-based tactical action we have mindless blasting with shotguns. And there's absolutely no sign whatsoever of any research tree or squad system.

    So tell me again how this game is, in ANY way, XCOM? I'm not saying it can't be a good game in its own right (although I'm not terribly impressed so far, even judging it purely on its own merits), but calling it XCOM is just plain offensive. Like I said before, this game is NOT XCOM.


    so far there is nothing there that is x-com related, except "aliens invade earth"

    Why not just rename the game so that we can all judge it without pre-conceived notions of x-com goodness?

    I was getting quite a Destroy All Humans! vibe from that setting...

    This looks like a decent Bioshock mod, nothing else.

    They really need to rename this game to 'Alien's attack!' or something else cheesy and retro. Would save a lot of headaches. Using the Xcom IP makes no logical sense, they are not appealing to the fans of the IP by changing the game, and the new generation of gamers they are obviously targeting do not know xcom at all........
    Honestly, making this a new IP will improve its appeal all round.

    eh, looks good. and i played the old xcom games.

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