Paper Mario Brings 2D To The 3DS

The 3DS isn't all about 3D graphics. Sometimes, you just need something that looks pretty on the new, improved hardware. Like Paper Mario.

While we're sure there'll be 3D tricks involved along the way, the first screens of Paper Mario seem to suggest it's simply a great opportunity to take one of the best-looking series from the GameCube & Wii and slip it in your pocket.


    Oh hell yeah.
    First game I will buy on the 3DS.
    I think the 2D nature of the Paper Mario art will be a perfect compliment for the 3D technology as well. The cut-out diorama look would be fantastic with true depth of field!

    I am so convinced that I will be purchasing this handheld already. UNLESS there is a surprise ridiculously high price tag (which isn't like Nintendo...)

    Sweet chilli chicken, hell yes! I'll be keeping a keen eye on this one for sure. It's great they're going back to the way Paper Mario is meant to be played.

    I must get a 3DS now..

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