Paul Oakenfold Performing At Atari E3 Party?

We hear that British producer and trance DJ Paul Oakenfold may be performing at Atari's rooftop E3 party.

The Ibiza Live Test Drive Unlimited party kicks off Tuesday night and Atari has officially said there will be an unannounced musical performance.

Oakenfold would be just right.


    I wish the US comments weren't always in apparently random order... can they be sorted by time somehow?

      Unfortunately there are system related limitations in the way we import comments - it's rudimentary, but it works.

        Ahh okay, thanks. What about US articles inserting themselves between past articles... (I might be assuming this is what happens, to explain either why I never see all the articles even when I thought I read them yesterday, or why there are always new articles between old articles) I guess that's to keep the time of posting correct, but it would be nice if they were just inserted at the top of the AU site so there's no "read all of kotaku -> come back tomorrow -> go through all the already-read stuff to find the new US articles".

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