Peace Walker Only $US20 (With Purchase Of $US150 Headset)

Peace Walker Only $US20 (With Purchase Of $US150 Headset)

Astro Gaming, peddlers of high quality gaming audio solutions, is offering Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for 50% off retail price with purchase of the $US149.95 Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Edition A30 Headset.

Astro Gaming loves its Metal Gear Solid. Earlier this year the company released a Metal Gear Solid 4 special edition of its pricey A40 headset, and now they’re back with a version of the A30 audio system, specially designed to go along with the latest entry in the series for the PSP.

The A30 audio system differences slightly from the more expensive A40, which McWhertor reviewed last year. Instead of an open, over-the-ear cuff design it features a closed-back, on-the-ear cuff, delivering a richer bass experience. At least that’s what the marketing says. It also features a fixed microphone, as opposed to the A40’s swappable (or removable) one.

The Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Edition A30 will set you back a good $US149.95, and the MixAmp required to deliver 5.1 Dolby sound and make the headset compatible with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 voice communication is $US129.95 extra.

Still, you save $US20 on Peace Walker, so it all works out in the end.

OK, maybe the price is a bit insane, but look how pretty it is! No?


  • I want. However i have no money and im more of an over-the-ear cuff rather than an on-the-ear cuff kind of guy.

  • … After deliberating for a long time (from the A40 review until just 1 month ago), I finally bought the A30 + MixAmp. Now they release this special when I was planning to buy MGS:Peace Walker as well.

    Talk about bad timing…

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