Pick A Card, A Mario Card

Nintendo started out as a card maker, making hanafuda playing cards. Nintendo still makes playing cards. Video games, too.

This July, the company will be releasing three sets of Mario branded playing cards.

These are "premium" cards, and are priced at ¥1,050 (US$11) each set. I like the "dot" cards the most. They're classy.

Mario Trump [Nintendo]


    me likes the middle one
    super mario land 2 style or whatever

    They are all awesome.
    They should stick these in the Club Nintendo rewards section. Which is crap for Australia at the moment. I *shame* redeemed for two of the folder packages... (Which are sweet!)

    I like the last one. Looks the most 'classic-est'

    I would love a set of the 1st pixel set and the 3rd drawn set.

    Wow, they span the different generations of the Mario era. Me likey. =)

    The pixelated one caught my eye, I ahve 11 bucks to spare, might pick this up online or something.

    This certainly adds new meaning to having 1-UP your sleeve.

    Bowser as the joker? That's a big waste of Bowser AND joker. Waluigi should be the joker card.

      So true! I'll buy regardless :)

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