Pissed-Off Parents Find Maths Game Too Violent For School

An action-packed maths game students enjoy playing is a little too fun for some parents of the Albuquerque schools, one of whom went as far as accusing it of fostering video games addiction.

KOAT-TV of Albuquerque ran a piece earlier about DimensionM, an edutainment game produced by Tabula Digital, which promises "all the action and adventure of commercial-quality video games while practising and reinforcing the skills they need to succeed in maths". The game's use in local schools is fully funded by a Department of defence grant. So, free game, kids are happy, schools are happy, everyone's happy, right?

"We are feeding the addiction of these children to video games," said Marlene Perrotte (pictured; no relation) to KOAT. "They were all excited, and they were excited because of the violence -'I'm getting ahead, I'm getting ahead, I'm getting ahead.'"

You bet they are - in test scores, say school officials. One middle school educator likened it to "a 21st century flash card. ... They can use jetpacks and at the same time they have to know what the associative property is."

Not good enough for Marlene. "What the recall is not the prime number, they were talking about but rather getting through to the enemy," she said.

Jesus Christ, lady. You know how hard it is to develop an educational game kids actually want to play? Or do you just want learning to be as painful for them as it was in your unhappy childhood?

Educational Video Game Upsets Parents [KOAT-TV via Game Politics]


    these people are the extreme anti video games people, if they had there way mario and sonic would be banned because oh how violent they are ( come on now.. kids might get the idea that its ok to jump on peoples heads >.>)

    I wouldn't worry too much about this nut job.

    Here we go again. First it was comics, then TV, now video games.

    Can I just draw your attention to the fact that this is ALBUQUERQUE. This is the place Bugs bunny couldn't find for decades - WHO CARES WHAT THESE SAD BACKWARD LUDDITES THINK?

    They're only getting media attention because it fits a convenient editorial mold - "kids in peril, technology to blame, I can't understand what's wrong with them".

      No he always took a wrong turn at Albuquerque, probably because he asked for directions from this woman.


      Ha, that was my thoughts as well with the Thumbnail pic on the main page. I thought "Jeez that dude is Ugly", then realised it was a festy woman. My God. Burn it, burn it now!

      I first thought that was Jack Thompson.

    OMG thats a lady????

    This woman is an idiot, “They were all excited, and they were excited because of the violence -’I'm getting ahead, I’m getting ahead, I’m getting ahead.’”.
    OR, they were excited because they were winning at something! That generally brings enjoyment, just so happens that while they were winning they were learning too.
    What a tragedy. Go swallow a box of flash cards... why are the most narrow minded people the most vocal?

    “We are feeding the addiction of these children to video games,”

    Wait, what?

    I'll bet she drinks and smokes, but doesn't consider them drugs.
    I wonder if she'd beave the same way if you got kids addicted to healthy eating or exercise...
    "They don't care about the health benefits, they're only interested in increasing the number on their pedometers."

    Well, we've got trouble friends.
    Right here in River City.
    Trouble, that starts with T and that rymes with P and that stands for pool.

    Why yes we've got trouble.

    Let's be honest, she looks like the kind of person who is pissed off at everything.

    She kinda looks like a less drugged up Dangerfield:


    BAHAHAHA That "pictured; no relation) bit made my day!! Ahahahaha!!!

    Don't be fooled, people. That's no lady, but Jack Thompson in drag!

      Hehehe, good one - my thoughts exactly!

    By my calculations, these people are illogical bigots!

    Sorry, had to do the pun :P

    that thing is a parent? Somebody once had sex with it? I'M OUTRAGED!!!!

      There could have been a sperm donor. A blind man, perhaps.

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