Play Final Fantasy XIII As Nature Intended

Want your Final Fantasy XIII experience to be a little more authentic? Import the Chinese version, which has Japanese vocals and English subtitles (and is even compatible with your US/PAL save game).


    i just bought mine 2days ago!!

    ..and I can get this from where?

    The language was the least of its problems...

      I agree. It seems the game has forgotten that it's suppose to be a game and deems it self a movie.

      14 hours in and I still do not feel like I'm playing a game.

    It's a long story with lots of walking in it (Like lord of the rings!), not an RPG.

      it's got general elements of RPG. It just sucks

    Did ANYBODY here actually get up to Pulse?

      Made it to Pulse last night! Decided to go back to the game on the weekend and loving it all over again!

    whats the difference?

    I honestly didn't mind the voice acting. Sure Vanille (and Fang at times) get on your nerves, but I got over it fairly quickly. Heard much worse before.

      Agreed. Normally I loathe english dubs on Japanese games but this one was pretty good, aside from the australian voices. I was ready for "STRUTH YA GALLAH" ocker-isms at any moment. I've never been able to handle Australian accents surrounded by American ones...

        I personally thought Miranda in Mass Effect 2 was pretty good. They managed to avoid ocker-isms, and let the character being the driving factor, not some assumption that all Australians speak like Steve Irwin did.

        But you're definitely right - most Australian accents in games run the gamut of truly bad to extremely insulting. Sonic Rush Adventure, anyone?

        Miranda from ME2 and Chloe from Uncharted 2 were pretty decent Australian characters. Hell, Fang wasn't bad either. Something about Vanille just rubbed me the wrong way.

        Maybe it was her borderline mental retardation or her VERY Japanese character heritage where she has to play an insufferable, ditzy anime girl (a character I usually loathe in Japanese games)


    I actually don't mind the VA for FFXIII and seeing as I'm 95% through the game it seems somewhat moot at this point to pick it up. Now if I could get my hands on NieR Replicant with english subs that would be a very different story!

    Vanille and Fang are from pulse the rest of the gang were from cocoon for once in a game an Aussie accent was used to describe people from a different place and made sense having the game in Japanese means you would miss this subtle touch so buying it would be pointless plus square lip sync the game for English so once again pointless its not Yakuza!

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