Play World Of Warcraft With Your...Feet

Despite the fact it's played by millions of normal people around the globe, World of Warcraft players still get a bad rap sometimes. Peripherals like this don't help.

It's the official World of Warcraft "Tap Chat", which is a pedal. Which you can use to play World of Warcraft. Tap to chat! Tap to perform macro actions! Tap so you can grind and eat a microwaved bowl of mac & cheese at the same time!

Such laziness comes at a cost, with the Sound Blaster peripheral coming in at $US30. Then again, what is the price of hands-free grinding?


    Surely would be useful for people with restricted hand or arm motion due to a disability too?

      Really doubt they had that in mind when they made it, but yes it could.

      Now I want to adapt my Rock Band drum pedal into something I can use for FPS...

        When i first saw it I seriously thought it was a substitute for tapping the space bar for jumping... > .>

    Well, i mean i might use it to trigger vent talk. As u use a key press to talk but that would leave 1 finger free :P

    So its a single programmable macro button? It seems a tad excessive

    And a LOT stupid

    have a heap of them set up so you sit there eating noodles while smaking frantically at pedals on the ground.

    What the poorly researched article fails to mention is that it actually made for activating voice chat on something like Ventrilo or Skype, whilst freeing up hands for playing. Makes more sense than a one-button macro for spell-casting don't you think?

    Holding down a bound key whilst chatting invalidates some other keystrokes made at the same time so you can miss a shot. This girl aint missin' any shots thankyou very much.

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