Play Zelda II As A First-Person Shooter

You could keep reading this post. Or you could pop open a new browser window and try playing late-1980s Zelda II: The Adventure of Link as first-person-shooter game.

This wonderful little late-May creation that I somehow missed puts a player in the head of Zelda hero Link in what may be the worst non-spin-off Zelda game, but so what? The creator calls the game, simply, Zelda II FPS.

Imagine shooting some Zelda-style sword-bullets out of a sword you can see down your line of sight.

Give the game a shot at the link below, which enable you to play Zelda II FPS in your web browser. Decide for yourself where the classic second Nintendo Entertainment System Zelda just needed a little more Doom.

Zelda II FPS [Thanks Jason!]


    this game is very discriminant to lefties, is impossible to use arrow keys and left shift at same time, remapable controls would help :(

      become a true pc gamer and use wasd

    @tom: Evolve and become a righty

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