Playing Project Natal Sure Is Embarrassing

Nobody looks good playing Project Natal. Nobody.

Microsoft's upcoming motion controls Project Natal is controller-free. When the system was first showed at last year's E3, it was assumed that Project Natal will involve flailing.

It will, and it does.

Lots and lots of flailing. People do not look good flailing. And thus, people do not look good playing Project Natal. You will not look good playing Project Natal.

And... that's okay! Nobody looks cool playing regular video games. Have you ever seen what people look like watching TV?

Pretty sure the only technology that people look cool using is a computer — especially when they are writing. Furiously. (Like I am right now!)

But, hey, a room full of friends and a buncha beers, Project Natal's gobber aspect is no biggie. It's no more embarrassing that, say, playing plastic instruments! Though, word to the wise: Do not film your significant other or your children playing Project Natal and then upload said footage on the internet. What happens in the living room, stays in the living room.

まるで酔っぱらいの踊りのようだ…Xbox360『プロジェクト・ナタル』のプレイ動画が恥ずかしすぎると話題に [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃]


    "Do not film your significant other or your children playing Project Natal and then upload said footage on the internet."

    What? Why not!? The world needs more clips of chicks in underwear doing hula-hoop.

    I’ll be amazed in this doesn’t lead to some class action lawsuit where Microsoft are expected to flip the bill on a few broken living room fixtures.

      more like a few lawsuits where they are expected to flip the bill on a few roundhouse kicks to the face

    Come to think of it, no one looks cool playing a plastic guitar, either.

    I'm amazed by the amount of space it seems to require, an empty room for the looks of it. And yes, people don't look good flailing, but this is a step up (in terms of looking bad) from the wii.

    I remain unconvinced of this type of gameplay, I expect in-game characters to look good whilst doing their thing. I'm no acrobat, ninja or soldier so I can't do those movements. Characters replicating moves you can do in real life will look just as clumsy as you are.

    My first thought a few seconds in to the first shot of the... people (family?): "Hey, what's Stephen Conroy doing there?"

      Haha, as did I. Then again, the man can't even unlock his iPhone that his 3 year old daughter locked...the tool.

    I don't care how many of these they sell, it's already a failure in my eyes... this kind of stuff just confirms my suspicions that Natal will be nothing more than an arm flailing gimmick. At least the Playstation Move will have some kind of substance to it with the controllers, etc... shit, even the Wii looks more professional than this. And the Wii is retarded. Pants on head retarded.


    I just played some dubstep over the top of it... Totally in time with the music.

    They're all dancing like Andrew W.K... go the nerdy white dance, go. XD

    It reminds me of eyetoy. I don't think it will be succesful. I don't see how I could play something like fable on that.

    The horror the Natal is white in this Video clip! Oh and this reminds me of the Eyetoy on PS2.

    Natal was meant to be more than that wasn't it? What was I saying... Oh yes congratulation Move.

    I love how the kid isnt even trying, hes just bowling around on the floor. Probably winning too. It looks like a Wii setup but without the remote, so you look even stupider.

      Natal is to a Wiimote as Bluetooth Headsets are to Mobile Phones.

      Sure you look like a moron, gobbing away on a handset, but the effect is multiplied by a factor of 100 when you do it without the phone.

    At least when you play games on the Wii, you can sit down to play them, and if you're good enough, you can limit the flailing quite well (as my sister's boyfriend pointed out when I watched him playing Tiger Woods while lying on his back and flicking his wrist). Having to clear that much space just to play a game is ludicrous. I don't even have that much space to spare, even if I get rid of my coffee table...

    I knew Natal would fail... and look supergay. Looks like I was right.

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