PlayStation Move Goes Pew! Pew! Pew! With New Gun Shell

The PlayStation Move has its own answer to the Zapper, the PlayStation Move Shooting Accessory. It's going to be perfect for games like Time Crisis on the PlayStation 3.

The new accessory is sitting pretty in Sony's booth at E3, one of the first accessories for the Move to take advantage of its expansion port at the base of the device.


    If we get Point Blank on the PS3, I'll die a happy man.

      You know what, the gun looks crappy (Pom Pom at the end!) but yeah, point blank would be crazy good. I would actually egt one, unless Kinect gets it also. Then I would be able to use a Banana as the gun... that would be best!

    The ball at the end looks terminally ridiculous

      I concur

    That looks horrible.. Im really not liking Sonys latest design choices.

    And here I was thinking this wasn't a Wii-me-too.

    Wow, that thing looks terrible.

    In a metallic finish, that'd be pretty cool. Except for the ball, it's still a ball, but it's necessary so I can deal.

    Ya reckon Sony made it red to distance the look from a real gun after that article about third-party attachments looking like real guns and how that child shot them-self after mistaking a real gun for the Wii gun (stupid parents also contributed).

    Manufactured by Stark Industries (TM)

    why don't they just make the ball smaller. it looks weird as it is, but in a gun attachment it looks stupid

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