PlayStation Move Priced, Dated For September Release

The PlayStation Move controller will release in North America on September 19, in Europe on September 15 and in Japan on October 21. The controller itself will cost $US49.99; a bundle with the PlayStation Eye will cost $US99.99.

Sony's Peter Dille said the bundle will include the game Sports Champions; that bundle will also be paired with a PS3 at $US399.99 The Move's navigation controller is sold separately for $US29.99.

Dille said first-party PlayStation Move titles will be priced at $US39.99, and there will be between 15-20 Move-enabled titles at its launch, with at least 40 available by the Christmas.


    That pricing looks about right to me, I think I'd be picking this up for my PS3 before shelling out for the Kinect for my 360, I already have the eye so I'm glad they are selling the controllers separately.
    A good couple of months before the Kinect too, I wonder if MS will move there launch forward now?

    So if you have the PS Eye already it is $80 per controller (like the Wii you'll need the nunchuk)- to play 2 player that's $160... $210 if you need the PS eye.

    The Kinect (if true) at $150 allows 4 players... doesn't seem so expensive now when you factor in the multiplayer quotient which is a big push on this demographic anyway...

    Nice to have move pricing but what about the 'nunchuck' accessory? Details for that anyone?

      'The Move’s navigation controller is sold separately for $US29.99.'

      There you go.

    Pricing wise, much better than Kinect... but have to hands on before I can judge the accuracy

    I wanna check them both out and I wanna buy them both - but I still ain't all for Motion control gaming cause half of the crap released for both is gonna be stupid party games that are 'fun' for a hour or less.

    In the Kinect's defence, you are only buying ONE thing minus the games. If someone wanted the PS Move, they need to buy the normal bundle AND then the Navigation controller.

    I gather MORE controllers if wanted to play with numerous people. A bundle WITH a console may come with more than 1 controller. Now since we don't know the AUS price yet, we can't exactly judge that much cause we are mainly wrong when guessing from the US price. It can be MUCH more or surprisingly less.

    I haven't read an article based on the Kinect's price in AUS if it was announced. But to it's defence, you are only buying one thing before the games. However - looking at the games, I might have to say i'm more excited at playing games on the PS Move than Kinect - but some of the tech with Kinect and what IS going to be and COULD be available over XBL etc... looks great aswell.

    anyone else find it disconcerting that they are playing starcraft with the move like they are playing tennis?

      Thats what I thought ;)

    You could pay a whole lot of money for a PS3 or X box 360 and get move or kinect. Or, you could just buy a wii for a whole lot cheaper price. And the wii has motion controls already built in. Hmm... nice move... NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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