PlayStation Move Priced In AUD (Correction)

Sony motion controller, the PlayStation Move, was priced for North America, Europe and Japan overnight. Sony has now confirmed the local price, too.

The Move controller will retail for $AU69.99. The Move's Navigation controller will retail for $29.99.

The Move controller will retail for $AU69.99. The Move's Navigation controller will retail for $49.99.

Both will go on sale September 15.

Sony has promised 16 titles to be available at launch, but has not confirmed specific details of that lineup.

Also unconfirmed is whether we'll also get a PlayStation Eye bundle or a console bundle, as announced for the US overnight. The PlayStation Eye camera is required to use Move.


    So, basically the same price as a Wiimote and nunchuck.

      The nunchuk is actually closer to $20 AUD, but otherwise, yes.

    Hello future purchase.

    Seems very reasonable, I'll be waiting eagerly to see what games are announced.

    im sure eb games confirmed we are getting the bundle for $99.95 on there twitter.

      A 3 cent discount? That sounds a bit generous for EB.

    Good to know the Nav. as I will be calling it, is priced the same as the US.

    The Controller itself, only $10 more. Not that bad compared to games in AUS having their prices jacked up much more aswell as other hardware.

    What I would like to see is the price of Premium PSN be $50 here aswell, the same as the US.
    AND I would safely bet a bundle with the Camera and one with the console to go on sale. Stupid marketing decision if there isn't.

    Heck, I also predict a PlayTV bundle with it aswell.

    Wait so its $400 + price of game just to start to play some ps3 sports with some friends ?

      Plus 60 bucks for the Playstation Eye, if you don't already have one.

    So its just a Wii with better graphics?


      Right because the Wii has motion control games like Killzone 3 and Heavy rain.

        right cause you can't play killzone and heavy rain with a controller

    $100 per controller... are people really going to be able to afford to play multiplayer?
    Would get expensive pretty quickly for most people.

      I think PS3 controllers are still up around the $90 mark (I haven't looked at buying one for ages, so I might be wrong). So relative to those the prices are reasonable.

      People have been paying that much for almost 4 years here for the Wii controllers, don't see why they won't do it for Move controllers.

        I think people's main concern - AND the problem they fail to acknowledge - is that this is costing on top of buying the console.

        If people opened their eyes, they would realize that the PS Move and Kinect are OPTIONAL. You are not forced to buy them! You can still play regular (greater?) games on the PS3 and 360. You can still play online games. You can still do EVERYTHING else except motion control which is OPTIONAL.

        The Move is most compared to the Wii, unlike Kinect which has taken its own personality really. From what i've seen, the Move looks superior to the Wii. Graphics will be greater, I would expect greater games and more core games, something that would be important to my decision making with the Move and Kinect. The motion control looks superior aswell in demos.

        But the Wii comes with motion control out of the box. Thats the only benefit. It's cheap and easy. You get what you pay for. There are some great games, yeah. Thats the Wii's primary function and appeal. The PS3 and 360 isn't, its an optional choice that will appeal to same and not to others.

        The Wii is cheap and easy cause it's cheap to manufacture which is why the 360 and PS3 is far superior in power, graphics etc... If the Wii was capable of doing things the 360 and PS3 could, then the price will most definitely not be as low as what it currently is.

        So people really need to stop the crying when these are all optional choices. If you want it, you will fork out the money. Companies ain't gonna throw something out that they will lose money on just to please the consumer.

    Could you see if Sony will confirm an AU price for PSN+ as well for us?


    Some games will need 2 wands though.... Hrm...

    some games require 2 Move controllers per person like the archery game, it sounds quite expensive without any epic games.

      yes and you can only use a maximum of 2 wands with 2 sub controllers. 4 wands can be used but obviously only on their own, so to get the full move experience in multi-player it will be only with 1 other person....imo lame.

    According to eb, the move navigation controller is $48.

    Not cheap when you think about it: two sets of controllers and two extra move controllers, $320, (plus the console, $400) and then however much the camera is, and on top of that you need some games to play.

    Cool, I was hoping that we could get both controllers for around $100. Keeps it in line with the Wii.

    I did get worried earlier today though, as EB games had the navigation controller priced at $49.95 for pre-order, which would have made it $120 for both. Glad EB got it wrong, although I'm sure they have corrected it now.

    As for bundles, the US one seems to be a PS Eye, The main 'wand' controller and the Sports Champions game. Which means you would still have to buy the navigation controller on top of that package anyway. Hopefully there will be more of an indication on what bundles they have in the works, because at the moment, JB Hi-Fi have the Eyepet bundle (PS Eye and Eyepet game) for $49 until the end of the month. Cheap way to get a camera if there isn't going to be a bundle with all 3 'Move' components.

    2 words.... play asia.

    Pass I already have 4 Wiimotes and 4 Nunchuks

    Id rather get this than Kinect. $100 is pretty good really. I remember Sony saying under $100 for the US so having it as $100 here isnt too bad.

    Decent prices.
    I'll probably have to see what games are good to get, Sorcery has caught my eye but that's until next year. Also, i'll probably get a bundle with PSEye as well obviously so hopefully it will be cheaper that way.

    Wait whoa what? $120? GEEES!

    So you need to seperately purchase 3 things which are essentially useless individually to combine them into one control solution?

      More importantly, how many cameras will you need for 2 players? Can one camera track 2 of the shiny dildo things or does each player have to have their own camera?

        Only one camera needed. But you'll need controllers for each player, of course - and some games need a Move + Navigation, while others need two Moves per player. So a two-player setup would be $50 Playstation Eye + 2 x $70 Moves minimum, with an extra 2 x $50 Navigations & 2 x Moves for some games. That's $190 - $430, plus games!

        Kee-rist. Unless you have no friends or family, Kinect is looking relatively cheap...

          Just tell 'em to buy their own damn controllers or they can't play. ;)

    Why is the "Navigation" controller now almost as expensive as the Move remote. Do you have to have the Navigation controller, or can you get away with just using the remote?

    Is there going to be another "correction" to boost the remote to $89.99?

    with the two controllers, eye toy, and a game we're looking at over $200 at least!!!!

    BARGAIN HUNTER: JB HI-FI have PS eye + eye pet bundles for $49

    Im just concerned about what the typical requirement for games is. Ive seen in demos combinations of two Move controllers as well as the Move and Nav configuration so you'll need 2 of each really to get Moving.

    If you just bought a Wii and want 2 ppl to play the "New" Games together your going to need to buy Extra Control $69.95 + Nunchuck $29.95 + 2x Motion+ $34.95 = $169.8 (Note. Your going to need Motion+ To play alot of the newer games coming out soon) oh, almost forgot, if you don't want to spend $10 a week on batteries you'll need a Charger which is $39.95. Total $209.95 for 2 people to enjoy the Wii to its full potential.

      purely based on what my friend has told me, new controllers come with motion plus for free

    I was skeptical, but I can definently see some potential for the Move.

    Will be purchasing.

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