PlayStation Move Priced In AUD (Correction)

Sony motion controller, the PlayStation Move, was priced for North America, Europe and Japan overnight. Sony has now confirmed the local price, too.

The Move controller will retail for $AU69.99. The Move's Navigation controller will retail for $29.99.

The Move controller will retail for $AU69.99. The Move's Navigation controller will retail for $49.99.

Both will go on sale September 15.

Sony has promised 16 titles to be available at launch, but has not confirmed specific details of that lineup.

Also unconfirmed is whether we'll also get a PlayStation Eye bundle or a console bundle, as announced for the US overnight. The PlayStation Eye camera is required to use Move.


    Yeh nup....wont commit to this. PS3 gets no usage from me atm....i play Blu-rays and im waiting for GT5.

    I would rather just buy Wii for that cash.

    Im buying Kinect for my Xbox THAT is something new and different.

    Made the prediction that Move would cost about $120 - quite the rip off when you think about it, especially if you want to have more then 1 set of controllers.

    wow... this shits expensive!

    Really quite reasonable even for Australia. I'll just be buying a Eye-Controller bundle for $100 and then another Move for $70.

    The 'nunchucks' are useless as far as I've seen, and I've had hands-on with it, so.

    120 bucks. Lump on that whatever the eye camera is and the Kinect isn't looking so over priced anymore.

    I'm not huge on motion controls. I'd much rather be sitting on the couch with a controller in my hand moving around with a fair amount of precision and not looking like a huge tool.

    None of them will be getting money out of me for subpar games designed for motion controls. Especially when there are plenty of great games I can play with a $20 controller.

    I've read on another website (can't remember which) that they were told you could use your existing dualshocks as the sub-controller.

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