PlayStation Plus, New Features Added To PS3 'Soon'

Sony's new PlayStation Plus subscription service is launching, officially, in North America on June 29. That means a new way to spend 50 bucks a year on your PlayStation 3 and a new firmware update will all-new features.

PlayStation Plus brings more than just a fee, mind you. Subscribers get early access to demos and betas, automatic downloads of patches and firmware, free* games, discounts... all kinds of stuff. It also means that firmware 3.40 for the PlayStation 3 will be coming to your console.

The latest update adds a new video editor/uploader to the PS3's XMB, letting you upload directly to YouTube and Facebook. There's also a new photo gallery, exciting new power saving options and the option to rate content on the PlayStation Store. Additional details await thee at the North American PlayStation blog or at the end of your next firmware download.

Sony says it's coming "soon", which usually translates to the next 24 hours or by the time you're done reading this post.

PlayStation 3 System Software Update v3.40 Available Soon []


    This photo and video uploader would be great if it allowed us to take screenshots and video captures of the game we are playing. But, as it stands now it’s just another useless feature. Who has ever actually uploaded a photo or video onto their playstation before?

    Wow another bunch of stuff we'll never use and didn't want. And as an added bonus we now get the option to rent games and demos that we will rarely get or want either! Gotta love Sony and their pointless stuff

    And yes, I'm a PS3 owner only, not an Xbot

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