Pokemon Black And White Gets A New Trailer (And Release Date!)

The latest entry in the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Black and White, has a release date for Japan. Would you like to know what it is?

It is September 18. The game will feature new Pocket Monsters and a more "mature" female trainer in Daisy Dukes!

Pokemon Black & White – Official Game Trailer [Moetron]


    cant wait wish that was the date for here

    So we'll get this some time next year than. Good thing I took basic jap, suckers!

    It's Pokemon so its cool.

    But like.. seriously! I know the DS isn't that great of a device when it comes to the look of games and its capability compared to the PSP - but i've seen better looking games on the DS before.

    HeartGold and SoulSilver looks way better than this. If better graphics overall means no moving environment as you pass a building, then do it. This looks so cheap!

    Pokemon, considering how fun and enjoyable the games are, really haven't come a long way from what was first offered back on the GameBoy.

      summary 1st to 4th gen: new pokemon, dual types, special abilities, special split(spec atk/def), physical & special move differentiation, new moves, genders, breeding, natures, new stone evols, day/night, berries (stupid acorns), poffins, underground exploration, battle frontier, TMs and HMs, move tutor, name rater, and probably more too.

      And yet pokemon can still only learn 4 moves, they still make ridiculous sounds when they enter battle, and attacks are just generic sprites.

    this game looks good, its just with the dilibrate 16bit characters against a 3d polygon setting just doesnt look good at all, almost ugly. IT KILLS ME SAYING THIS!!!!

    After playing Spirit Tracks, which uses similar camera angles but manages full 3D characters while still looking much nicer than this, its hard to believe this is a first-party game...

    Sure we all know Nintendo's gotten lazy with this franchise, but still...

    Whoa looks pretty damn epic!

    I still haven't beaten soulsilver because my DS has a tiny scratch in the middle of the top screen that is annoying the hell out of my ocd brain. I was thinking of buying a new DS or getting the screen fixed but have decided to wait for the 3DS. Hopfully it will be out soon.

    man, pokemon sure has changed over the years... is it bad that i still preffer the sprite based versions?

    On the contrary, I don't think the series has evolved at all after Gold/Silver. G/S was the one which shook everything up with the genders, night/day, etc, everything else has added very little.

    I know it's Pokemon but... you think you can let me move diagonally? Or have (pipedream) real-time battles? I dano, just to do something different.

    Oh well, Nintendo can do whatever they want. They're proved they can literally make the same games from 10 years ago and still sell millions.

    they should ahve postponed the release and instead made it for the 3ds. could have worked out great

    Video has been removed.

    On the contrary, I think pokemon has only been improving. I'll give you that Generation 3 (Ruby/Saphier/Emerald) was very bland, with uninspired pokemon and terrible features.

    However, Gen IV has really pushed the engine to it's limits, with HG/SS being the best games since... well, G/S/C. Can't wait for black and white, it really looks like it's pushing the envelope

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