Predator Used Call Of Duty To Coerce Kids Into Sending Nude Pics, Say Authorities

Prosecutors say a New Jersey man managed to convince four 13- and 14-year-olds to send him pictures of their genitals by saying it was a membership condition of the clan he was starting in Call of Duty: World at War.

Jonathan Prime (no relation), a 20-year-old from New Jersey, faces four felony counts of "communication with a minor for immoral purposes." Prosecutors also say he has a previous conviction on a child porn charge related to this case in his home state. His current charges were brought in Seattle, where one of his victims is located.

This creep's in jail on $US25,000 bond, but clearly, we need to make a "Kids, it's not OK if someone asks you for a picture of your junk" PSA. Because at least four of them either didn't see the harm in it or were somehow manipulated into complying. Authorities say Prime met the kids online while playing CoD:WaW, evidently "groomed" them, was rejected by some but got pictures from others, and eventually got one to call him up and have phone sex.

Best part? "Confronted by investigators, Prime claimed he believed the boys to be 14 or 15." Because that would make this OK?

Charge: Man Used 'Call of Duty' to Pick up King County Boys [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]


    Haha! picture win!

    Prime fail.
    Chris Hansen would have annihilated this guy.

    Why are kids under 15 playing a M15+ game? :/

      M17+ in America. They shouldn't even be allowed to see the game.


    *shoots self in the head*

    I laughed at this story. Does that make me a bad person?

    I remember when parents actually had to teach their kids things... Not need Public service announcements for kids to not strip naked or submit nude photos for the pervert on the other end of X-Box Live.

    Heelarious. Creepy, but heelarious.

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