Prince Of Persia Now Biggest Gaming Movie Of All Time

Disney's Prince of Persia movie may have had a slow start in the US, but it's proving a much bigger hit overseas, with the film's combined international box office takings now approaching the $US300 million mark.

$80.5 million of that amount comes from the United States, with overseas earnings currently at $US213.1 million. With a total take of $US293.6 million, that makes Prince of Persia: Sands of Time the biggest video game movie of all time, with the first Tomb Raider flick "only" pulling in $US274 million.

With DVD sales yet to add to that tally, it's surely enough to warrant a sequel, one where they'll no doubt make him a lot angrier, and we'll all look back on the first film with rose-tinted glasses and say how amazing it was.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time [Box Office Mojo,via Big Download]


    How can this movie earn this much? The choreography is horrible and the CGI was crap.

    It started off alright then it went progressively rubbish. The end barely resembled PoP.

      and that's a problem?

      i rather liked the movie and am still amazed by people who feel that a game movie or even a book movie needs to be a scene for scene replication different mediums are like different languages things can be lost in translation that's why its to directors to take artistic license to compensate for that loss

    Don't know what movie you guys were seeing, but I thought it was very competent, and remarkably true to the first game. I'm certainly looking forward to future encounters with the Dahaka and the Dark Prince...

      I'm with Thomas on this one, it was pretty much what I expected it to be and I really enjoyed it.

      I've never played a PoP game and I loved it. I'm a big fan of the action adventure genre that goes to exotic locations, so this movie was really enjoyable for me.

      The parkour scenes in this movie were incredibly fun to watch (and in many ways something we don't get to see done so well in movies) and the characters were likeable.

    It was also the best gaming movie of all time. Just saying.

    No, it wasn't completely fatihful, but faith wouldn't succeed in the box office. I loved it, and aside from one part of the annoying ending (what happens to her), I loved the whole thing.

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