Project Natal Prototype Looks Like It's Ready For Retail

Last time we saw Microsoft's Project Natal in the wild, the prototype version of its Xbox 360 camera-controller was a mix of cute and creepy. Now, it's looking a hell of a lot more final.

Engadget snapped a gallery's worth of pics of the Natal accessory in use at All Things Digital, the Wall Street Journal's annual tech conference. It's labelled a "development sample", so don't count on this being the final final version of the Xbox 360's move into the motion control space. Wait for E3.

Project Natal retail unit revealed at D8? [Engadget]


    "Does it come in black"?

      I hate that I got that reference.

        That sounds like a line from Batman Begins, and there is no shame in knowing that movie.
        Unless it's from somewhere else, and I am completely oblivious...

    Please make it black so it doesn't stand out in the room...

    U - G - L - Y you aint got no alibi you ugly you you you ugly

    People may have a White XBox but how many people have a White TV? Make it Black or it won't sell.

    Where's the independant power supply that was shown earlier?

    I only see one cable coming out of it... here and at endgadget.

      Agreed. Only one cable...

      A few possibilities: wireless (doubtful), one cable (probable), or its not actually plugged in and the demo is faked...

    Ugly, haven't confirmed if its releasing in black, heard its ridiculously expensive.

    If anything the MOVE is the most appealing to me with these console life support extenders.

    screw natal, how bout some real 1080p games!!!

    Wanted: additional USB port for popular gaming console.

    It better go black to match the frigging Elite I just bought.

    Seeing as though the official PR shots of it have it in black. I'm thinking that it will come in black! so chillax guys.

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