PS3 Slim Vs Xbox 360 Slim

Real-world size comparison, sent in by early-bird purchaser DigitalHero. Maybe we should call it the "Xbox 360 Shiny" instead?


    aww see they love eachother!

    Wow, that new xbox 360 is super shiney.

    wow so slim and so great design from sony, i like it!!
    anyway what's the performance??

    oh yea! console sex......i luv it ! :P

      But what will the children look like?

        hummmm i think i would like to see the epic processing power, hd and online from the ps3, the games, zune movie place, online(with on paying for it) and yeah thats what i think the child should have.

        Nintendo wii mk2!! Lol

    is it even any smaller than the old Xboxs?

    I did think it should have been called the Xbox Squat, rather than the Slim.

      It's not called "Slim", I don't believe Microsoft even gave a special name, it's just "the new Xbox 360".

        mate, at the back of the new console

        it says XBOX360S

    Both of them are more like "[console name] A Bit Smaller Than Before, But Not Really Slim". I guess that name didn't fly with marketing.

    /Unreal Voice "DOMINATING"

    EBgames has the new xbox at $449. You can get a PS3 slim 250GB with Red Dead and God of War 3 or Fifa World Cup for $599 and the PS3 is a Blu-Ray player.

    I would much rather pay the extra $150 and get one of the PS3 bundles...

    Having said that, since I already have a PS3 I will probably still be getting one of the new Xboxs when it comes out. I'll probably get it from a larger retailer like Big W or something because it might be cheaper than EB.

      You really could have just said "I'll get the 360 which I don't have"

    R.I.P. PS3

    Why must Australia mark up so much more for the consoles and games? It would probably cost you more from EB games than any other retailers.

    Omg gonna get 1 of these

    The ps3 slim is sum great stuff, want to get the GOW 3 bundle just a shame it doesnt come out with the additional controller and blu-ray remote.

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