Puma joins the 8-bit revolution

Thinkgeek sells an 8-bit tie so you can show your classic cred at work. Now Puma is pushing 8-bit shoes so you can show the love when you're not so buttoned down. They're just about the geekiest shoes I've ever seen.

And yes, they're on my feet. Right now.

How could I not buy then when they were staring me in the face through a Hype shoe store window? They cost $120, and are a lot like Chuck Taylors (except more comfortable... there's a gap at the achilles for a more relaxed fit... if you know your Pumas, they're 917s).

I can't find an official Puma reference, but some shoe freak sites suggest they landed last month.

Do you feel the need to own them too? Or do you already own shoes that say 'GAMER' loud and clear?


    i LURVE 8 bit... but this... well... they just look like target shoes... I swear to god regular Dunlops look like that by pure accident...

    I've got black Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops with Pacman drawn on the left toe and a Ghost drawn on the right toe.

    These though... look a little too, cheap? Plus I look like a dickhead wearing joggers.

    sorry but they look like crap, fire the lead designer NOW!

    Then give me his job :)

    I have some Osiris Drunks which you could say are kinda donkey kong inspired


    I prefer not to draw attention to myself so... no

    Too much silver on those kicks.

    I guess they look slightly 8-bit, but not enough to fly the geek flag, i think what most people would notice would be the silver.
    I'd rather the 8-bit tie or one of the game-themed split reason shirts.

    Damn, I guess I'm in the minority, I quite like these, actually I really like this series of Puma sneakers, I have black and white ones which are inspired by Roy Lichtenstein's comic book inspired pop art. So up close, you can see it's white fabric with black dots, but the dotting varies in size and density so from a distance they look like varying shades of grey, and the laces look painted on, i.e. not like laces at all. Awesomeness. I've also seen ones inspired by manga style lines and shading. Might see if I can find these in Canberra.

    I think I'll have to check them out in person. They might be just subtle enough for what I like. My favourite shoes were/are 3d cubed vans, I need to find a warehouse full of em.

    Oh, I have these. The best hundred bucks I've ever spent, even though they look like crap from above. Should've taken a sideview picture.

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