Puma joins the 8-bit revolution

Puma joins the 8-bit revolution

Thinkgeek sells an 8-bit tie so you can show your classic cred at work. Now Puma is pushing 8-bit shoes so you can show the love when you’re not so buttoned down. They’re just about the geekiest shoes I’ve ever seen.

And yes, they’re on my feet. Right now.

How could I not buy then when they were staring me in the face through a Hype shoe store window? They cost $120, and are a lot like Chuck Taylors (except more comfortable… there’s a gap at the achilles for a more relaxed fit… if you know your Pumas, they’re 917s).

I can’t find an official Puma reference, but some shoe freak sites suggest they landed last month.

Do you feel the need to own them too? Or do you already own shoes that say ‘GAMER’ loud and clear?


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