Queen's Blade Cosplayers Look Like This

Blades-meets-boobs Queen's Blade recreated by real live human beings in assorted outfits. Sometimes it's the costume that sells the cosplay. Sometimes it's the cosplayer. And sometimes it's both. Not sure which ones these would fall under...

Queen's Blade is originally a Lost Worlds style "combat picture book game" and has been published in Japan for the last couple of years.

Queen's Blade features only female characters, and its spin-off series Queen's Gate has showcased the likes of Iroha (Samurai Shodow), Mai Shiranui (The King of Fighters) and Dizzy (Guilty Gear). Queen's Blade has also been spun off into an anime.

Namco Bandai released PSP game Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos last December. It is filled with bouncy and pointy things. Some of them are sharp!

Over the weekend a Queen's Blade festival was held in Tokyo's Asakusabashi. Here are the assembled cosplayers. That Cattleya cosplayer sure is, um, realistic.

目のやり場に困り放題!「クイーンズブレイド祭 in ASAKUSABASHI」コスプレレポート [Moeyo]


    I read this as Queen Of Blades and got excited thinking there would be some cool Starcraft cosplay. Oh well.

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