Queenslanders To Play Mario Galaxy 2 Before Official Aussie Launch

Nintendo's taking Mario on tour starting the end of this month. You'll be able to play Super Mario Galaxy 2 and compete for a stack of prizes at various shopping centres around the country.

The Nintendo Connection Tour kicks off in Queensland on June 26, five days before the official July 1 launch of Super Mario Galaxy 2, before visiting Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and South Australia. Oh, and New Zealand.

Sorry Tasmania and our two forgotten territories.

In addition to checking out Mario Galaxy 2, you can compete in the New Super Mario Bros. Wii Coin Challenge. The various state winners will even be flown to Sydney for the "national final".

Nintendo has been doing these retail tours for a while now and, as per usual, they'll be giving away games and other prizes in each state. There's also a competition to find the best Mario voice impersonator.

The dates are:

26/27 June Westfield Chermside QLD 28/29 June Pacific Fair QLD 3/4 July Sylvia Park NZ 3/4 July Westfield Fountain Gate VIC 5/6 July Westfield Southland VIC 9/10 July Westfield Carousel WA 15/16 July Westfield Chatswood NSW 17/18 July Westfield Hurtsville NSW 17/18 July Westfield Marion SA

Nintendo Connection Tour [Nintendo]


    I disagree, I'll be playing it before launch too. ;)

    Oh WOW! What a great reward for us Aussies hey? (Has been playing an imported copy for 3 weeks now)

    Dont you mean Hurstville?

    Hurtsville sounds like a place you definitely don’t want to be swinging a Wiimote.

      Hurtsville sounds about right.

      Swinging that wii-remote around there has the potential to knock out all the old people walking nearby to the Chinese gambling house/RSLs across from Westfield.

      I live there btw.

    hhmmm, last time I remember a queenslander played a mrio game before release it was not something nintendo liked at all.

    I thought everyone "imported" this by now.

    You would think Canberra having the reputation for being nerdy would actually be use-full this once but no we always get skipped for this type of stuff, were the freaking capital by Crom! we don't even have digital radio yet. I guess the only part of Canberra's reputation that will remain is that it is boring I guess it's a self fulfilling prophecy.

      I think you meant useful....

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