Rage's E3 Screens Bring Ol' Blighty To The Wastelands

Rage to me feels like one of those sneaky games. Like Arkham Asylum, or Red Dead, where you're mildly interested in it before it comes out, then when it's out, it blows you away.

I've got nothing to base that on, of course! It's just a feeling, based on that fact this is id and the prospect it looks like a more polished Fallout. With dune buggy racing.


    I want this game so freakin bad and the graphics look so beautiful.

    However, I will point out the obvious - it looks way too similar to Borderlands. The bandit dude with the head gear, the vehicle. Crazy bandit running with a melee weapon and even the revolver.

    But considering how FUN Borderlands was... I won't be complaining!

    Indeed, a Borderlands/Fallout hybrid sounds like all sorts of awesome.

    Rage is pretty much vapourware, how many years have they been working on it / about to release it? Sigh.

    The fingers on the model look blocky.

    I've personally heard about Rage for a year or two, a 3 year development cycle is hardly vapourware.

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