Raid This Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Limited Edition Tomb

Ubisoft has revealed the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood "Limited Codex Edition" is now available for preorder in Australia. It's an EB Games exclusive. Here's what you'll find inside.

For $148 on PS3 and Xbox 360, and $128 on PC, you get a copy of the game plus:

* The Original Codex: a 60-page illustrated book "written by the hand of Altaïr" detailing the history of the assassins * A detailed map of Rome * Collectible Cards: a set of trading cards for all the multiplayer characters detailing their kill moves and biographies * A DVD containing the game's original soundtrack and artwork galleries * Exclusive Unlockable Multiplayer Character: The Harlequin, a deadly assassin lying behind a gaudy costume and a twisted smiling mask * Exclusive Unlockable Multiplayer Character: The Officer, a stealthy assassin who can assassinate his targets with a swift and powerful attack * Exclusive Single Player Indoor Map: The Trajan Market * Exclusive Single Player Outdoor Map: Aqua Gears

The game looks incredibly promising, but is this limited edition worth the extra cash?


    I preordered this at EB earlier in the week.

      how much was it

    That's EXPENSIVE.

    Other than the "original codex" there is nothing else in this "waste money edition" that worth the extra spending.

    This collectors edition is definitely not worth it. No uber cool figure and priced the same as AC2:black edition= fail

    It's a bit on the expensive side, but that codex and the tomb/chest thingy would look so good on the shelf with my four Altair and Ezio figures and the art book from the original game.

    ... and all the exclusive content will probably be available for around $10 in six months time.

    Fucking Ubisoft though, they are pulling the same bullshit though... GAME get the "Linage Edition"

    PS3 -
    360 -
    PC -

    Lineage Edition Includes:

    Assassins Creed Brotherhood the Game
    Exclusive packaging - Slip case on the outside with 3D image of Ezio
    Assassin’s Creed Lineage DVD
    Multiplayer characters cards Including Exclusive Content i.e. background, finishing moves
    Unlockable in game content (requires internet connection to validate):
    In-Game Character skin: Ezio Ultimate Suit 2.0
    Exclusive Indoor Bonus Map

    Different multiplayer character, potentially a different DVD, potentially a different in game Indoor Bonus Map and it comes in a slip case!

    I have the EB games version pre-ordered, but I also want the slip case!

    These special packages need to stack in content offered and not be split... fucking publishers!

    / rant over... :p

    I'm kind of pissed that EB keeps getting exclusive rights to collector's editions. They always over-charge like a bitch :(, and of course if there's no competition they can charge whatever the fuck they like

      Actually, EB sells at RRP. The RRP generally consists of the base price for the game, shipping costs and retail markup. The thing is, other shops remove the markup, effectively paying themselves nothing and selling the game at a cheaper price.

    If you want a collectors item check out the newly previwed Hot Toys Assassins Creed 2 action figure:

    The box looks awesome, but otherwise not worth it

    I only really want the Harlequin skin, as it looks creepy as hell. It'll probably be available for a couple of $ as DLC anyway.

    preordered it on wednesday cant wait looks better than ac2

    Actually it is worth the price because your already getting the game($60) The chest($25-$30) The Codex($20-$30), Lineage(free considering its on youtube), The DlC($10-$20) map of rome(worth nothing I suppose) trading cards(3 bucks most likely)Bonus Content Disc with soundtrack($5-$20) and eventually more dlc and accessoies so really your getting what your paying for.

    I think you can also pre-order the collectors edition from jb-hi-fi. I pre-ordered and they said they'd get back to to me on what it includes.

    QUOTE - It’s a bit on the expensive side, but that codex and the tomb/chest thingy would look so good on the shelf with my four Altair and Ezio figures and the art book from the original game.

    4 Figures? What ones do you have? I just have the White & Black Editions sets. I didnt know AC1 came out in a limited edition set with a figure?

    This sucks. I would have been sold straight away but I see it doesnt come with the lineage DVD!These websites both feature the dvd -

    Both come with the dvd but unfortunatly the first website doesnt deliver to aus, and the second one doesnt come with other content.
    What to do, what to do!?

    @Gina sell the first one you mentioned. Let me know if its the best one and what is the difference between that and the one please

    does anyone know how i can get the codex editon for assassins creed the brother hood in the us

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