Reader Review: God Of War III Media Kit

Reader Review: God Of War III Media Kit

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This review was submitted by Corey Lee. If you’ve played God of War III, or just want to ask Corey more about the media kit he scored by attending the God of War III community event, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

God of War III Media Kit (PS3)

God of War III brings us another Greek odyssey. Filled with rage and revenge, it’s a god killing spree. Since its inception, this series has brought joy amongst all. With Greek godly influences, these games capture their fall. However, the focus of this review is not on the game itself. But instead the GOWIII Media Kit I have sitting on my shelf.


Wood Never Smelt So Good: The wooden casing of this kit is a sight and smell to behold. Each wooden box is different, or so we are told. The painted ‘Omega’ symbol on top will never avert your gaze. Unlike that Pandora’s Box for which $250 some of you had paid. It feels somewhat rough on the hands, yet easy on the eyes. And I haven’t even mentioned all the stuff that’s inside.

What’s Inside: For many people who read this, you probably already know. Still, for those who are unaware, then this account goes to show. Some art cards, a coin, a tapestry too. Did I forget to mention, it includes even more artwork to view. In addition, there’s more. 2 CDs to go through. But you’ll be spending all your time on that disc labelled ‘Review’.

Get the Game: Of those two CDs you get, one is the actual game in itself. Play as Kratos the Ghost until you lose all your health. The end to the trilogy, a fitting conclusion. By the end of it all, you won’t be disillusioned. Especially the part where you’re under Aphrodite’s seduction. The only part of game where you won’t need instructions.

And the Price: This final point is a part in which we will all agree. For how much does it cost to own God of War 3? The Ultimate Edition was sold for around a costly $250. While $100 for the Collectors Edition is by no means that thrifty. The Standard Edition can be imported for just around $60. But the Media Kit is free, which is really quite nifty!


Try and Find One: The one thing I hate is this kit’s availability. For retail never released it unfortunately. Instead, they were given to journalists and comp winners (like me). So it’s now quite difficult to find. Even harder to possess. But one can be had through eBay. If you’re keen to pay in excess.

The GOWIII Media Kit is a true collector’s piece. Lovingly assembled, you’d think it’s from Greece. Whether you’re admiring the artwork or simply playing the game. Be grateful if you have one as not many can claim. For most average gamers, the Standard Edition will do. And to you Kotaku readers, thanks for reading my review.

Reviewed by: Corey Lee

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