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This review was submitted by Grant Oxtoby. If you’ve played Green Day Rock Band, or just want to ask Grant more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Green Day Rock Band (X360)

The Beatles, Metallica, Van Halen... Green Day? An odd choice for a dedicated rhythm game but no complaints here. I've been a fan since the early days and don't mind their current stuff either, so let's see how the punk trio from California stack up.


Green Day: These guys have been around since the early 90s and this game is a testament to that fact. The songs range from their debut major label album Dookie right through to 21st Century Breakdown, with those two albums in full (the latter with DLC) as well as American Idiot, the rest are various hits from the albums in-between. The best part is you can import the entire song list onto your hard drive and use them in Rock Band 1 and 2.

Welcome To Paradise: Like The Beatles Rock Band, there's a lot of love for the subject matter, there's heaps of random pics and videos to unlock and I mean HEAPS. A lot of work went into crafting the band members too, there are versions of Billy, Mike and Tre from various points in the band's career, reflecting their styles through the years and the venues set the atmosphere pretty well (even though I played American Idiot in full at Milton Keynes and the sun never fully went down).


Stuck With Me: While it's a great game for a Green Day fan, for a non-fan? It's a waste of 50 bucks with a bunch of punk and emo songs by a trio of hair dyeing tossers who should have broke up in 1992. If you don't like Green Day, you will NOT like this game. The venues, however, do look great... all three of them. Since you can't change the band lineup and there's no trippy film-clip style action, you better get used to seeing repeated swing shots of the stage and random close-ups on the band.

Minority: This is the first full Rock Band game to not have a set of instruments available, either bundled or standalone and it's very hard to find them. While the Guitar Hero mics and guitars work, good luck playing the GH drums, it's spacing is very awkward and combined with said drum's unreliability, a total mess. I strongly advise hunting down the Rock Band drums (just go easy on the pedal).

Walking Contradiction: It's no secret Green Day aren't exactly a Wiggles cover band - they do swear, quite a bit in fact and due to this, the swearing is censored. This bugged the hell out of me, as anyone who owns this game would already have their albums. Why couldn't have they just left it in and gotten the M rating? It's no worse than the language we hear in most M rated games now and just to be sure the kids don't learn any new words, the camera always cuts away when the words are sung.

So verdict? Like Green Day? Get it! No like Green Day? Don't. Now to continue my wait for Rock Band: Def Leppard.

Reviewed by: Grant Oxtoby

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    I'm not waiting for Rock Band:Def Leppard, I'm waiting for Guitar Hero: Def Leppard.

    Good to know you can import the Green Day songs into your regular Rock Band though. May have to pick it up cheap after RB3 comes out for the few Green Day songs I actually think might be fun to play.

      I'd say that too, but for some reason I just prefer Rockband, the performers look better animated and the whole DLC and songlist import is easier.

      Plus I'm not a fan of Blactivision, at least anymore.

    Rock Band: Def Leppard? Playing the drums on that one would be interesting :)

      The bundle's drums should come with 3 extra pedals and one drumstick.

    Swearing is censored? I'm sure I've heard swear words in other RB songs... Guess I'll check that tonight.

    Pretty solid and fun game.

    Drums on expert are pretty tough on their earlier stuff, very fast with some interesting charts.

    I think cernsoring is bull, there was a huge arguement with Harmoix on the forums a few years back due to this.

    I mean CD's have a warning on them so why can't Music Games?

      True the censoring is a big pain, but at least they didn't go the way of Band Hero and rewrite lines to make the songs 'family friendly'

    Nice review. Like the other comments, would get it for maybe 20 - 25 bucks. But a real hats off to the Rockband Def Leppard suggestion. Have thought the same thing ever since and poorly chosen Aerosmith game was announced for Guitar Hero. I'd be content with just having Hysteria as a downloadable album.

      I'm so glad there are others who agree with me about Def Leppard here, I actually found it funny that GH had a thing for Aerosmith but had no idea what songs to choose, GH 2 and 3 had an Aerosmith song but they we so damn obscure that I've never heard of them.

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