Reader Review: Super Mario Galaxy 2 For Beginners DVD

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This review was submitted by Andrew Costanzo. If you’ve played watched the Super Mario Galaxy 2 for Beginners DVD, or just want to ask Andrew more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 for Beginners (DVD)

Nintendo seems to be getting less confident in our abilities to play their games these days, and opted to include an instructional DVD with Super Mario Galaxy 2. Is this DVD worth watching, or have Nintendo lost their faith in this generation of gamers?


Challenges: Nintendo has been kind enough to show off their best displays of cool moves in this game. There are short clips of Mario doing cool things, like getting to far out areas of levels, killing enemies in fancy ways, or getting a big chain in goomba kills without touching the ground. These moves look hard to replicate, so get ready for some tricky challenges once you've done everything else in the game.

Creative Play: Creative Play gives you some tips on how to do some useful moves in the game, such as using Yoshi to double jump or having a second player retrieve air bubbles for Mario when he is underwater. While this may not be useful to those who have played the first Super Mario Galaxy, it is handy for those new to the game.


The Basics: By now, everyone should know how to use a Wii remote. It was redundant of Nintendo to give a 20 second video of how to plug in a nunchuck and how to hold the Wii remote. It also teaches you how to play the game, such as jumping, spinning and collecting coins. What makes this worse is the voice-over during the footage, which is slow and dull.

DVD Format: The instructional footage comes on a DVD, and not a Wii optical disc. What this mean is it will not play on your Wii, and you will need to play it on a DVD player. Nintendo should have made it playable on the Wii, or simply put in on the Super Mario Galaxy 2 disc, rather than having a separate disc.

So is this DVD worth watching? Probably not, since the instructional footage goes for about 15 minutes all up, whereas you could just flick through that manual in about five minutes or less to get the same information. As for the nine minutes of Challenges and Creative Play, it really isn't that useful unless you are have finished the game, and are bored enough to look for new things to do that don't really amount to anything except stylish moves.

My suggestion: skip the tutorial, and jump straight into the game. For the average Kotaku reader, this is a step backwards in Nintendo's approach to the hardcore gamer.

Reviewed by: Andrew Costanzo

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    I have heard that SM2 is quite harder then SM1 so i think for the casual audience it might be a great benefit for them, while for hardcore like us - it probably means nothing to us as long as the price didn't go up for including it :P

    However i think with all the hint systems i see in SMG2, it does raise the Questions as to why it was seen necessary to include. As well as the inclusion of the "cosmic guide", making an appearance from NSMBW.

    I'm amazed at how Nintendo could include something that seems so redundant and inconvenient?

    I like how Kotaku reviews are veering away from simple coverage of games to more esoteric game-related products.

    The *non optional* Wii Motion Plus video at the start of Red Steel 2 was worse. It went for about 5 minutes and I had already plugged the damn thing in. That lady's calm speaking voice taking it e x t r a slow to explain it made it all the worse.

    Probably the best idea ever. Why bother putting out a DVD, if you can read the instruction manual to know how to play?

    God, they make no sense :D

    Good review, btw.

    I've read the point that the disc was made to play on a standard DVD player so you wouldn't have to stop playing Galaxy 2 if you wanted to look at something on the disc. It's very much so like a virtual manual, and in the end it was probably for the best it wasn't put onto a Wii optical disc.

    I won't be using it, though.

    Sounds like something to look up on YouTube when bored...

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