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No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle (Wii)

The successor to the cult-favourite on the Nintendo Wii created by Suda51 back in 2007. Our favourite wise-cracking otaku, Travis Touchdown returns to Santa Destroy to not only to be the #1 assassin but to grant revenge in this stylish sequel.


Bizarre Nature: The one thing to love about Suda51 is his stylish and bizarre creativity that makes this game stand-out. Travis is a likable, wise-cracking jackass facing against a bunch of obscure assassins that range from a badass Cloud-lookalike, a US-football player with a bunch of cheerleaders that can transform into a mech, a gothic Lolita with dual-scythes and a Russian astronaut.

Stylish: They have updated the graphics with more detail to the character designs and some additions to the scenery, although the game does have minor framerate issues here and there.

Refined with Variety: The gameplay is pretty much the same (and also can be played with the Classic Controller) but with the addition of new weapons that you can switch on the fly, more variety of goons to defeat, and special slot-machine power-ups - one of them turning Travis into a tiger! You can also exercise your cat Jeane to help her lose weight or play the Bizarre Jelly 5 shoot ‘em up game in your spare time at your motel. They’ve also scrapped the dull open-world for an easy, menu-based system.

In with the old, 8-bit style: The Ranking Battles are now free of charge but if you want new weapons, clothing or upgrade your health and power, you have to earn money by doing jobs. Here, they scrapped the mundane jobs like mowing and trash collecting for 8-bit style mini-games, like a pipe game that resembles Pipedreams, a tiling game that is like a jigsaw puzzle with Tetris pieces, and a Pizza Delivery game that plays like Hang-On.

3 Blades are better than one: You don’t just play as Travis in the game. You can also play as Shinobu and Henry from the first game with Shinobu’s ability to jump and Henry’s ability to Dash, the only downside is that there are only three select missions with them.

Uncensored: The original game was one of the bloodiest games on the Wii, but only for the US version. In the sequel, all the blood and gore has been uncensored for the UK/Australian version. Goodbye, black ash!


Platforming: With Shinobu’s ability to jump, one of her missions requires platforming. It's a nice idea, but poorly executed as the landing detection can be very annoying.

Camera Obscura: While the camera is better than the previous game, it can still be aggravating due to lack of camera control.

Despite its shortcomings, the developers fixed the major problems of the first game and made this sequel one of the best games on the Wii this year. God Bless you, Suda51.

Reviewed by: Matthew Murphy

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    Lovely write-up.

    I'm actually a huge fan of the black ash effects when you hit an enemy. I always found it immensely satisfying when heaps of coins would spill out and you hear that 'bring, bring' sound when you collect them all.

      I'm the same. I like the visual coins rewards and sound effects much better than the blood splatter.

      Yeah, I didn't mind the black ash in the original but it may have been a let down for some others who were expecting it to be like the US version.

      I miss those coins :( Oh well...

    thanks for the review.
    good to hear about the camera, do you still get manual control and re-centering?
    are there still parts that are deliberately bad, or have they have been cut out?

      Manual Control? Sadly no. Re-centring? Yes. (There is one part in the game where you can manually control the camera but it's inverted, I really didn't like that.)

      I don't believe anything is cut-off from what I can tell, so if you wanted it all kept in place, you're good to go.

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