Red Dead On PC? Don't Hold Your Breath

Red Dead Redemption is one of the best games of the year. Heck, it's my favourite game of the year so far. But I own a console. If you own only a PC and want in on the action, well...

Look, we never like to say never, but the chances of a PC port of the Western adventure look remote. with a Rockstar admin writing on the company's news site "As of now, there are no current plans to bring Red Dead Redemption to the PC platform. If that should change, we will let you know".

PC owners will of course be familiar with the now traditional 6-12 month delay in porting big Rockstar games to the platform, so this isn't the end of the road for your hopes and prayers. That said, we don't often see Rockstar being so blunt about things, either.


    I was really keen to see what the modding community could do with this. Admittedly, I was hoping for a Firefly mod...

      OH MAN! That's would've been so awesome! I really hope they release some DLC along those lines!

      Damn! Now all I'm going to be thinking about all day is Firefly!

      That would be cool. I've thought that someone could make an excellent & fairly intelligent FPS about the Civil War in the Firefly verse. I guess the closest we'll get is the vapourware MMO & a Star Wars Battlefront 2 mod.

    Please, please bring to PC!

    Not a huge loss. I'm going to sell my xbox360 copy soon. This game is decent but definitely over-hyped.

      Can't disagree with you more. This game deserves the hype! Game of the year so far IMO (that may change when I finally play through ME2). I just wish they would support the game for a while to come by adding extra stories and single player missions. I know there is co-op stuff on the horizon, but I would prefer to just keep the story going. Maybe they will add some episodes like they did for GTA IV?

    I spoke to a Rockstar Rep at a Conference around the time GTA4 was released on Consoles. He said the exact same line as stated in this Forum post, and then again, the same line once it was released and I was asking about EFLC for PC. I think it will come, remember where rockstar started, on PC. It is just a stratergy to get as many people to but it on console first, then on PC later to help sales. Can't blame 'em, it works.

    gta4 wasnt that great of a port until they released patches to utilise pc hardware. hopefully with the extra 6-12months will allow them to get it spot on and make it beneficial for pcs

    yeah mods could make the game awesome atm its just average

    Blah, blah.. they always say this.. about GTA, about the GTAIV episodes being exclusive to xbox..

    If they give people hope then they wont buy a console and a copy of the game..

    It'll be on PC within 12mths.. calling it now.

    Yeah, I can't imagine they wouldn't bring it out. So PC gamers can not pay for it, and then tell us how much better it would have been if it wasn't on consoles...

    And I have to say this, to mod this game would be to miss the point of it. I have never played a game as imersive as RDR. The "modding community" is such a joke now, there are so few mods worth even looking at, and even less that make a game actually worth buying on PC. Modding a game like this is like going to a fancy restaurant, paying heaps for a meal, then just covering it in tomato sauce anyway.

    You can see all the comments on the other websites: they all smell bullshit. My rule of thumb is that if it's a true third party company (talking Sony and Microsoft only here), then these exclusivity agreements are only time based.

    I'm not a lawyer so I don't know the specifics. But I get the distinct impression that unless their claims are on the same box that they're selling you, and at a particular moment in time, then legally they can say whatever they want. Exclusive to Xbox 360? Yeah sure, at the time that they printed the box!

    They're out to make money. They have a captive audience. It won't hurt their sales to supposedly change their mind down the track.

    They're allowed to play their cards close to their chest (i.e. bullshit the public) because a company has IP and doesn't have to be completely transparent with the public (although the legalese way of saying that is different). I'll bet that GTA4 pc was well underway before the console editions even launched.

    Even despite this bullshit, I'm still hanging for Rockstar's next big thing. Yes, I'm a whore, but at least they have a customer-centric view which is quite a lot more than you can say for the Gran Turismo and MGS franchise custodians. They dictate their own features and fanboys lap it up. Rockstar obviously takes note customer feedback whereas the Gran Turismo guy has a filter on his inbox for "rubber band catchup".

    And also, look at the extra special effects on the promotionaly movie directed by John Hillcoat. There's an extra layer of sheen on there that isn't in any console version.

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