Red Dead Redemption Co-Op Screens Can Leave Their Hat On

Red Dead Redemption's free DLC - titled Outlaws to the End - will be available for download tomorrow. Rockstar sent us ten screens showing off some of the four-player co-op action you can soon have in New Austin.


    As cool as these look, most of them seem to be the old gang hideouts?

    Man, this game is just all kinds of awesome...

    Man, a fantastic game, with FREE dlc? This game just gets better and better.


      You can already wade in the game. You just can't go into water up to your waist

    Yeah! Great! Only one things missing, THE PLAYERS! I've barely gotten 1 other player in a match online, let alone a full posse.

    I didn't know that this was free. Hella good.

    screen shots always look so good

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