Red Dead Redemption Free DLC Out June 22

The promised free co-op-centric downloadable content for Red Dead Redemption will be available on June 22, according to Rockstar. Expect six co-op missions for 2-4 players, including an explosive shootout with the Walton gang.


    Shootout with the Waltons?

    Johnboy... You're mine bitch...


      Very well done... I had to think about that reference.

    If I had to choose between world peace and this game, I’d choose this game. I need it.

    This is just rubbing in the fact that I’m the only person in Australia to not have it.

      Could be. If you went shopping for it last night then I apologize, I took the last copy in the store.

    Such a brilliantly done game, really cannot wait for this DLC.

    Is it this game suffering from shortages in Australia aswell??

    That would be amazing if it is! Its just so great.
    This game definitely upstages GTA.

    I traded in three crap games for this at JBHIFI.
    I feel I've done well, and now I find out that the DLC is gonna be free!? BONUS.

    FREE! thats the best part about the DLC

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