Red Dead Redemption Sells Many Millions


    Just imagine if Rockstar had've shipped enough copies to meet demand... I work in a gaming store, and we've been pretty much sold out since release. In fact the entire shopping centre has too!

    Are those figures similar to GTA4?

    I personally haven’t been able to find a single copy of the game anywhere.

    Such a brilliant game, normally i'd be bored with a open world game by now, but i just can't put it down.

    I smell a sequellllllll (to this sequel!)

      The GTA games aren't exactly sequels. No traditionally anyway.
      I think of it like that aswell.

      But another Red Dead game, yeah I can smell that.

      5 million is very impressive. I'm sure the shortages and the word of mouth has helped it. I expected this figure, just not so soon. The amount of people I know who have ended up buying it are people who didn't plan on doing so in the first place.

      It's worth every single penny.

    I just can't get enough of this game personally.

    i think the fact that they have done a proper job on the western theme is a huge selling appeal to gamers. personally, its a nice break from all modern shooters that have been released for past year

    Yes, they probably would have sold another million or 2 if they had not sold thru within 5 days in UK and Australia.

    It's definitely better than GTAIV- I actually WANT to finish Red Dead- plus playing as Marston doesnt make you curse all of Eastern Europe. Rockstar must have looked up 'anti-hero' and read the whole definition this time.

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