Remember *That* Ferrari?

You know, this one. It got a ticket for parking violation, not good taste violation. As seen on AkibaOS.


    It bothers me that someone would do such a thing to such an expensive car...

    Smart cars, yeh i understand.. but this?!

    Seeing people in Japan will literally pull over and park their car at the entrance to a major intersection and leave their car running while they go buy a pack of smokes, this surprises me. He'd have to have been parked there for hours and hours to get a ticket.

      hah, yeah, I love it. In Shibuya I once saw a convertible Ferrari pull over at the end of a left hand turning lane, slap his hazard lights on, and run over to the ATM on the side of the road... left the car running... the people behind him simply drove around him, not a honk to be heard.

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