Remote Control Mario Kart Has Shells, Bananas

There have been Mario Kart-themed remote control cars before. But without power-ups, they were mere remote control cars. A new Mario Kart range from Tomy does have power-ups, and it looks fantastic.

How does it work? With sensors. Your controller has a small bar for power-ups; as you run over the relevant spot on the track, you're randomly assigned one of them, just like a game. There's bananas, green shells, mushrooms, stars and even lightning. When you activate them, the actual boost is performed, so a mushroom would make you go faster, or lightning would, when you touch another cart, make it spin off.

There's even a little speaker, which will no doubt crackle "woohoo!" at you every three seconds. They go on sale in Japan later this month, and will cost around USD$30 for each cart.

Tomy's Mario Kart shoots Shells and Bananas at other karts [Newlaunches]



    oh my, they are going to sell millions of these.

    SHOTGUN Mario and Yoshi!

      have them
      bowser will crush all anyway

        will crush them!

    Hope it works better then there other Mario Kart Wii RC cars, i bought some Mario and Yoshi ones for Christmas, and they didn't work so good.

    These sound so cool! *want*

    But they look so retarded :P

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