Report: Metal Gear Creator Has "Massive" PS3 Exclusive Game In The Works

Hideo Kojima was at E3 this week to show off his team's latest project, Metal Gear Solid: Rising, but a report from CVG says the game developer has a "massive PS3 exclusive" to unveil at Tokyo Game Show.

If CVG's "senior US publishing source" is right, the supposed PlayStation 3 exclusive will "own the show" in Tokyo and that it was almost ready for a showing at E3. Seems like curious timing, as an announcement of another Kojima Productions game could steal the thunder from Metal Gear Solid: Rising and that the age of console exclusivity seems to be behind us.

Will Kojima have yet more Metal Gear to show off? Will everyone finally get to stop begging for a Zone of the Enders update? Boktai? Something new? Nothing? We'll know for sure at TGS!

E3 2010: Kojima to announce PS3 exclusive at TGS [CVG]


    3 Guesses
    A remake of one of the older Metal Gear games (MG or MGS)
    A PS3 verion of PW
    Mostly like ZoE 3

    oh hai there Zone of the Enders 3

    Oh Kojima, you sure know how to please the crowd.

    The days of 3rd party exclusives may be ending, but the days of timed 3rd party exclusives aren't. Although there's a clear precedent with MGS4, I guess.

    Assuming it's not a new IP, my money would be on either a new ZOE. Or maybe even a new Policenauts!

    how bout he tries another platform for a change

      Have you been living under a rock, good sir? Kojima has been producing games on various platforms for most of his career. To give an example:

      Metal Gear 1 & 2 was on NES (and on PS2 with MGS3: Subsistance, if you wish to count it), MGS 1 was on PSX, MGS2 was on PS2 (with an updated port to both PS2 and Xbox) as well as 2 versions of MGS3, MGS4 was on PS3, 5 Metal Gear games are now on PSP (Ac!d 1 & 2, Portable Ops and Portable Ops+, and now Peace Walker), and now Rising is coming to both 360 and PS3, utilising new technology in both Kinect and Move. On top of that, if it doesn't pan out to be just a tech demo, it appears that a port of MGS3 is also coming to the 3DS when it hits. There was even a version of MGS1 on GBA which was actually pretty playable.

      Tl,dr; The Metal Gear series has been on more platforms than most other series I can think of. Hell, Snake is beginning to give even Mario a run for his money.

        A run for his money in the "Platform Promiscuity" stakes.. but Mario is like a cheap whore, getting tricked out every time Miyamoto has an idea for a game. I'm surprised he wasn't in Pikmin:)

      Build a bridge, and get over it. (or just save up and get a PS3)
      Kojima tends to make games for whatever platform he feels is best suited, so if hes planning a PS3 exclusive, it will probably have a lot of video content (using the bluray to its fullest).

    unlike other people, Kojima decides to announce a new game before the previous one. i guess we arent sure whether its mgs or something else. Still this game could be big news.

    MGS 5 would definitely steal the show. And would be fitting for the team, as they definitely spent a shedload making MGS4 and it's been a few years now.

    Please of please be ZoE3

    Nope. Impossible it's ZOE3...
    My guess it MGS: peace walker for ps3.

    Kojima's done with MGS, or at least with big sequels. That's a fact. Shuyo Murata was meant to take on MGS4, Kojima came back, Murata was meant to do MGS5... however he's also the creator/writer/director of the ZoE series, which Kojima simply produced.

    In other words: if it really is Kojima unveiling a new project of "his", ie., something he's directing for realsies, then it won't be ZoE3 or MGS5, as those would go to Murata. He's been saying for a while now that he has this new project in the works, for anyone who actually bothers to read his Twitter.

    So yeah, I can tell you now this isn't Metal Gear, this is somethinh big, and it will be fresh. Whether it will actually be good remains to be seen, but my monies on a totally original project (an FPS, which he wanted to do for a while), or maybe he's decided to bring Project S out of the woodwork. Which I would really like.

    Kojima's track record also dictates that when he says something is console-exclusive, it probably will be. The only multiplatform game he's ever directed was Substance, and that was considered a relatively poor experiment. MGS1, 3 and 4 all remained platform exclusive. Don't expect this to be any different. For everyone out there with a 360 who refuses to pick up a PS3 for MGS4, don't hold your breath with whatever this is.

      Well if you really want to be picky, MGS1 got a port to GameCube in the way of Twin Snakes. Kojima had nothing to do with it however, and has expressed his dislike of the port. ^^

      Regardless, you make some very valid points. I'm thinking it'll be a new Snatcher. He's expressed interest a number of times in putting together another game in the series.

        When did he express dislike for the Twin Snakes remake? From what I remember, everyone cried about the missile kick and he came out and said he loved it because it made Metal Gear Solid feel like an awesome action movie.

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