Report: Microsoft Talking 3D Gaming "Soon"

Sony has been making a big deal about 3D. So too has Nintendo. Until now, Microsoft has been fairly silent on the subject. Looks like that's about to change.

Andrew Oliver from Blitz (Dead to Rights Retribution) has told Develop "Microsoft are going to be making an announcement about [3D]at some point soon."

Great. Et tu, Microsoft?

No timeframe was given, but with E3 beginning next week, that seems as good a time as any for the company to jump onto the 3D bandwagon.

Microsoft will announce its 3D plan 'soon' [Develop]


    X360 trying to run 3D smells like guaranteed RROD to me... so new hardware perhaps?

    Do not want.

    2D fanboys are prehistoric get with the times

    i recently saw an advert for harvey norman advertising xbox 360 as '3D READY!' and i was pretty surprised as i hadnt heard anything about it at that point

    Wasn't there a post on here last month I think in which someone from microsoft said the xbox could already do 3d, but as there wasn't any demand for it the developers hadn't bothered making games that could do it.

      Here it is... not Kotaku, but Edge:

    Our eyes can only really see 2D, it’s our brain that interprets an object as 3D (and allows to act accordingly), and 3D has been on TV's since its inception (except cartoons). This is just merely an optic trick to force depth of field to an already 3rd dimensional environment... it’s almost nails to my ears when I hear someone say 3D is so much better than 2D. Personally the gaming markets are jumping aboard too early, glasses-free 3D TV’s exists, and until they populate the market at a good price I couldn’t care less about this at all.

    Microsoft will promote 3D technology when market saturation of 3D televisions is higher. Unitl then, it's going to be a bigger Sony 1st-party push as more 3D games on PS3 will equate to more 3D Bravias sold.

    I doubt that at any point in the next two console generations, will anybody be forced into playing in 3D. The option will be there for those who both have the technology and want to use it.

    Don't like 3D? Don't run it. Don't like HDTV? Run in SD.

    It has to be said 3d isn't quite there yet, so far we have had a movie about blue furries and a couple of animated ones and yeah its cool but its not a revolution.

    There needs to be a lot more content and they need to ditch the glasses before it will hit that tipping point, maybe in 5 years time when the auto-stereoscopic 3d screens that you can watch without glasses come to market, until then I'm not spending a grand on glasses (nevermind the tv cost) so I can watch Avatar with my mates looking like we are at librarian convention in my lounge.

    Until there is a standardization of the technology and it has had time to mature its blu-ray vs HD dvd all over again.

    i don't like the concept of 3d anything, because i have to wear glasses, meaning that i can't use 3d glasses. that's one good thing that i like about the 3DS.

    Personally, I live my life in 3D already... why do I want it in my gaming?

    Whew... that was close, Microsoft almost missed the bandwagon.

    Meh it was only a matter of time, is anyone really surprised?

    I will be surprised though if the 'glasses' version of 3d tv takes off, I think 'glasses free' will do great though.

    Oh and Nick, the version of 3d tv with the glasses, they actually are slightly larger than a regular pair and the idea is that they sit over your existing ones, so it doesn't mess with your eyesight/vision.
    ...unless of course your one of the 20 or so percent who suffer from some sort of medical condition (migranes, dizzyness, etc) from watching 3d.

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