Resident Evil Also Shambling Onto The Nintendo 3DS

This is a weird one. Many 3DS "games" on the showroom floor show gameplay, but are just tech demos. This one shows nothing but cinematics, but is actually a proper game.

Yes, Resident Evil: Revelations is a full game currently in development at Capcom, and...that's all we know! Deduce what you want from the screenshots in the gallery to your left, all I know is, I'm glad there's now a Nintendo handheld can now take pre-rendered cutscenes in its stride.


    Wow, nintendo is really pushing with new games this year.

    These have to be movies, not in game shot.... if it's in game shot, then it's too nice to be true (on a handheld)

      thats what i said when i first saw footage of psp games.

      The first line in the article says they are cinematics... so... they are probably 'movies' not 'in game' :S

        Still, looks pretty damn good for a handheld.

        I've read reviews (unfortunately I cannot remember where) that indicated you had control of the camera during some of these "scenes" which would indicate they are in fact "in-game" rendered.

    Hey, is that H.U.N.K in the 3rd screenshot?! It'd be neat if he was in the game.

    Chris is a big goober, use Leon.

    Check out the hard polygonal edges on the arm in the bottom left pic. That and as someone mentioned, a lot of the 3D previews were cutscenes you could move the camera around in.

    The 3DS does have a lot of hardware improvements, the Kid Icarus trailer showed that.

    I'm calling this in game rendering...

      I'm gonna agree with Jonathon and say this is in-game graphics. And that's not naive optimism either, know why? Remember the Resident Evil remake for the GameCube? It looked fantastic, and the secret was the only things that were made from 3D polygons were the player and enemies, everything else was pre-rendered 2D. When the only 3D objects the hardware needs to render are the player and the occasional enemy, you can use very high-poly character models. Since the 3DS is supposed to be similar in power to the GameCube, I'd say they're pulling the same tricks that made the RE remake for the GC look so good.

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