Rock Band Creators Working On A... Dancing Game?

Harmonix, the studio behind both the original Guitar Hero and Rock Band, could be working on something a little different at the moment: a dance game, built around Microsoft's Project Natal.

So says Game Informer, who report that a recent run of dance song licenses awarded to Harmonix only add further weight to the rumour. There's no word on anything for the PlayStation Move, just the Xbox 360's hands-free motion controller.

It may sound naff to grizzled Rock Band veterans, but Just Dance - a game that asks you to hold a Wii Remote and just dance - has been an absolute phenomenon on the Wii. On Natal, a similar game that didn't ask you to hold anything could be one hell of a party starter.

Or finisher. Depends on how much you enjoy doing the Bus Stop, really.

Harmonix Working On Natal Dance Game? [Game Informer]


    This sounds like an incredibly stupid idea, but I guess you can’t argue with sales figures. I personally couldn’t play a game like this, I love to sit on my couch and basically barely be alive when I play games. As soon as I have to move, it’s become too much work.

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