Rugby League Comes To PS3, Xbox 360 This September

When Rugby League came to Wii earlier this year, all you guys wanted to know was when it would come to 360 and PS3. Well, you can now stop asking.

Publisher HES has announced Rugby League Live for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the first Rugby League game for both consoles. It'll be released on September 2 in Australia, New Zealand, France and the UK.

Development duties are with Melbourne's Big Ant Studios, who are also still hard at work on a yet-to-be-unveiled AFL game. New Zealand's Sidhe Interactive developed Rugby League on Wii, so presumably we're not looking at an HD port here.

“Rugby League Live brings all the hard hitting action and excitement of the greatest game of all to your lounge room”, says David Robles, Business Development Manager for HES. “The demand for a Rugby League game on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 has been staggering. We have listened to our fans and we are delighted to make this announcement."

Notably, Rugby League Live is apparently the first rugby league game to feature online multiplayer. According to the HES press release, other features include:

* 40+ licensed teams from competitions such as the NRL, Super League, State of Origin, City v Country, and World Cup

* 30+ realistic stadia from around the world

* Four-player multiplayer

* "Bone crunching" tackles and impact camera replays

* Field and uniform degradation

* Create your own players, teams and competitions

* Multiple replay angles and commentary by Andrew Voss

* Join friends for head to head & co-operative online play via PlayStation Network, and Xbox LIVE

You can see the very first screenshots below. Bearing in mind that HES and Big Ant are working on a fraction of the budget of, say, EA Sports titles like FIFA and Madden, it looks... OK? I guess?

Rugby League fans, what do you think?


    The graphics may not be the best but I still want it.

    just been playing this. hate to say it, but this is THE WORST GAME EVER! definitely should not be ps3, graphics, the controls, everything, all pitiful.

      How have you been playing it?

    i like the new rugby league game rugby league live but to be honest rugby league world cup edition on the ps2 is better

    its a rip off, three things, (#1)the game flow is crap, if you get a break away and you want to pass the ball, the whole team stops running "what tha?" (#2) you get a 2sec, replay so if you do something 5sec prior to a try ie: dummy pass into a short ball pass, its gone forever you'll never see it again, mainly because of problem (#1)you'll be lucky to repeat that pass again (#3) the commentary, are you kidding me?? there is however good pionts to the game, its one step better than the 80ties rugby game Jonah Lomu rugby,it has tried to create some sort of set play format, pitty the set play was just a skip pass? (what tha f*#ck?)all and all very disapointed both with the game the fact that the makers would shamelessly charge $100Aus for it (how much is Jonah Lomu rugby game these days?) the comment left by "Griff" hit the nail on the head, give this game to EA sports so they can make a proper rugby league game, did the makers of this game even look at a rugby league game?

    When will this rugby game be released in South Africa? I would love to play this game on my PS3. Please let me know when it would be released in South Africa.

    it's past september 2nd so you just lie

    Rugby league live is not that good it needs franchise mode so bring out rugby league 4 or live 2 on ps3 and xbox360.


    when does it come to the USA?

    lol it was good but it just wasent too good

    when is it coming out

    What a joke, No season mode, no Toyota an Qld cup, old graphics, ANdrew voss(I'm shaw rabs isn't that busy)
    Ps voss your a Gronk!
    Game play can only get better cause let's face it the old games ate nothing special an we all dream of EA to jump in an push theses toys aside..
    Small company, small budget?
    Mate put the effort an money In an it will all return..,
    This is last rugbyL game I'm buying until Ea take over..

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